How to conduct effective SEO competitor analysis

You have mapped out the best SEO strategy, you have conducted your analysis and adjusted your campaign accordingly, and yet you are finding that your goals with the SEO engines aren’t effective? The reason behind poor SEO performance is that you might have failed to take your SEO competitors seriously. Obviously you ca... read more ››

Project management is essential for SEO success

Kanika, a freelancer content writer who likes to delve deep into technology, tools and making people aware about utility of such aids through his informative write-ups. In her spare time she enjoys sketching, cooking, travelling and spending time with her family and folks.   Search engine optimization (SEO) ... read more ››

Online Marketing Performance – The Ultimate Guide

During the last years many of us working on the digital marketing sector have claimed that SEO is dead. In my personal opinion, this confusion has happened because many SEOs and clients were identifying SEO with Online Performance as the same concept which is an incorrect assumption as they are two totally different things.... read more ››

How to effectively combine SEO and PPC

The most common way to optimize your website’s web marketing strategy is either by utilizing SEO or PPC (for this article when it comes to PPC we will refer to Google Adwords and vice versa).  The paradigm that the majority of web marketers have been using is an alternate model of using either SEO or PPC when the campaig... read more ››

YouTube Videos SEO Optimization in 4 Easy Steps

As we discussed in a previous blog post we can increase the possibilities to rank better in Google search results by implementing a YouTube video in our SEO strategy. (Statistics have shown that well optimized videos rank well in SERPs”) Apart from that, YouTube can also be used as an alternative source of traffic cons... read more ››

Tips for Successful Email Marketing

If you want to raise your brand awareness in a short period of time without spending a large amount of money you should consider email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools offering a lot of advantages especially when comparing it to other marketing channels. The most important adva... read more ››

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Keeps Content Shock in Mind

Nick Rojas is a journalist and business consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. and Chicago, IL. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas. In the past five years, the SEO game has changed dramatically. Before, paid links and other tricky manipulations of Google’s algorithms paid off, boosting PageRank and easily sen... read more ››

10 basic steps for a quick SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is nowadays fundamental. It is also of major importance if you want your site to be at the most critical points in the buying process. And not just that. SEO is essential if you wish to be found when needed. After all, isn’t that the primary reason for creating your website on the first place? ... read more ››


In a previous blog post we discussed how can inbound marketers develop a local search strategy in order to increase websites footprints beyond text links in search results. In this blog post we will try to shed more light on the Google universal search concept and develop an optimisation plan that enhances search presence i... read more ››

SEO Truths – Your beacon of light into the darkness of SEO

I wholeheartedly believe that it is time to have a paradigm shift about what the SEO truths are in 2014 and what you must have in mind as a person responsible for your company’s website performance or as an SEO specialist that daily has to prove the value of SEO to his clients when it comes to search engines and organic r... read more ››

How to plan a Content Marketing Campaign

There is a well-known saying that “content is king” and in today’s global virtual market nothing comes closer in describing its importance than that exact phrase. In an era where information and communication are channeled through a variety of venues, the value of solid content used to promote one's business can't be ... read more ››

Search Strategy For Local Businesses

During the last years, mostly because of the on-going growth in mobile search, local search volumes have shown a tremendous increase. More specifically: Over 50% of mobile queries have local orientation. More than 20% of desktop queries include local search volumes. From these queries 5 % use the state name or the c... read more ››

Rising of the Blogs! Benefits & Actions

Content Marketing is growing and we have already entered an era where a blog is not only a useful tool for SEO purposes but it is also essential for any website. There are many reasons as well as many benefits in using a blog as it is a marketing tool through which you can express your personal point of view and also provid... read more ››

7 SEO Tips for E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are rapidly increasing in order to accommodate the diverse needs of a growing e-clientele. More and more people are noticing that purchasing from the web saves both time and money and as a result the e-commerce community is becoming more and more competitive. A unique feature of an e-commerce website -as... read more ››

How to control your Online Reputation with SEO

The web has made it so easy for everyone to express their thoughts, opinions and complaints instantly, making brand managers quite anxious about their products’ performance and their company’s reputation on a daily basis. Consequently, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important practice brand managers must follo... read more ››

SEO Myths you Should Stop Thinking About

SEO has changed a lot during the last decade. Actually it has changed so much that many online marketers aren’t sure about which SEO strategy is indeed important and updated.This is due to the fact that search engines want to provide high quality content relevant to the search terms in search results. With this article... read more ››

Why Google+ really matters

Google+ has grown massively since 2011, the year it was created and it is already the second biggest social network after Facebook, counting 300 million active users. Despite its growth those last three years, many users find it difficult to use, others are not even aware of its presence, and some believe that other social ... read more ››

What is pagination?

Many websites  (mostly ecommerce) are promoting such a variety of products that they´re ultimately forced to divide them into multiple pages. This process is called pagination, as shown in the following images: In these two cases the great range of products available obligates the website owners to divide them in m... read more ››

Top 5 SEO Actions in 2014

SEO has changed drastically during the last few years. Especially last year, since Google’s latest updates. 2014 is the year where even more effort is needed in the field of SEO for a company to remain competitive on the internet. A company has to pay attention to the following 5 elements in order to succeed nowadays i... read more ››

Optimize for Mobile – Challenge Accepted

Are you looking for game changers? Then take a look at the mobile & tablet market. The smartphone and tablet devices have rapidly changed our behavior. It wasn’t long ago when people asked why to build a website, the obvious answer was, because now everybody goes online to research and shop. Now clients as... read more ››

The biggest secret for SEO success

In the dawn of 2014 the search ecosystem seems to be even more complex than before. Almost everyone advises you to consume more SEO content, buy more SEO tools, consult with “SEO ninjas”, “pivot your way” through big data, acquire proprietary competitors analysis information and of course stop all link building acti... read more ››

Page Rank 2014 – Dead or Alive?

PageRank is one of the approximate 200 metrics that Google uses to its algorithm formula that helps a website’s ranking on the SERPs. It was not updated last year and according to Matt Cutts no update was supposed to take place until 2014. As many SEOs’ and Digital Marketing specialists’ believe we have been referring... read more ››

What SEOs learned in 2013 about Negative SEO

There is a lot of debate lately in the SEO community on Negative SEO and its potential implications in a website’s performance. This is especially relevant since Google’s Penguin Update release in mid-2012. Since then many webmasters either underestimated this phenomenon, or were completely unaware of it, while some wer... read more ››

Google Remarketing: As mainstream as Search

Much has been said about remarketing advertising over the past years and months. Does it work? Is it annoying? Can my brand benefit from it? Is it profitable? Before we answer these questions let’s get back to basics and recall what remarketing really is. As Google suggests “Remarketing allows you to show ads to u... read more ››

Usability & SEO what is the relation?

For many years now there has been a battle between SEO experts and Usability - Web Design professionals on how to make your website successful. So what can you do? I believe that this question is like a vicious circle. On one hand you have the option to focus on SEO optimization strategies and create a website that se... read more ››

Social signals & social media presence

Social signals play a significant role on Search Engines Rankings as an effective link building method whilst data deriving from social media is largely used by Search Engines. What is the goal? To increase website traffic and revenue. Social signals improve rankings in an indirect and direct way. They have a direc... read more ››

Panda Has Spoken – Structuring Your Content for High Ranking

Asher Elran is a practical software engineer and a marketing specialist. CEO at Dynamic Search and founder of Web Ethics. Trying to keep a decent ranking on the search engines is a vital part of business today. Unfortunately, for businesses at least, the constantly changing search engine algorithms mean that you are alwa... read more ››

6 Reasons Why You Need A Marketing Dashboard For Your Business

Clive works at Cyfe. They offer a marketing dashboard that takes all of the guess work out of creating their own visual displays. Click here to learn more about us and to get a free trial. When it comes to online marketing, your target market is active in many places - from the social networks such as Twitter and Fa... read more ››

Reaching mobile users via social media

Mobile traffic plays a prominent role in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare…). With society changing rapidly and a move towards mobile technology due to ease of use and availability, social strategy requires incorporation of mobile emphasizing on brand participation in mobile social world... read more ››

SEO Success through “hidden” Micro Conversions

When it comes to a website’s conversions we are conditioned to think of the end result. That means that we tend to focus on the website’s leads and generation of sales forgetting what is happening or what might happen before even a potential visitor reaches a website. Likewise as SEO practitioners we tend to give too... read more ››