7 tips for launching successful Social Media Campaigns

Companies get more involved day by day in Social Media networks in order to stay up-to-date and to reach their target audience effectively.  In this article, we discuss some practices that should be avoided and we suggest alternatives that can help you plan and execute successfully your Social Media Campaigns. 1. Don’... read more ››

Why my SEO campaign failed? Part 4: Common Link Building mistakes

The Link Building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Having quality links pointing to your site not only helps your Search Engine Rankings but also it can provide quality traffic to your website. In the previous 3 articles we examined in detail the most Common On-page Optimization mistakes, several Common Web De... read more ››

The Social Media best practices for Businesses

Social Media can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness, monitor your business reputation and offer better services. Nevertheless, using Social Media as part of your marketing strategy is not as simple as many people think. In order to have better control and better results with your Social Media campaign, build a ... read more ››

Hacking with Google Search

Google is considered to be a powerful search engine that helps millions of users to find fast & easy useful webpages. Nevertheless Google Search can also be a handy tool in the hands of malicious users, spammers & hackers. In this article we will describe few tricks that can be used in Google Search in order to ea... read more ››

Top iPhone Apps for Website Tracking and Analytics

Website Analytics and tracking is becoming an important part of a companies marketing strategy. Having access to website visitor data, subscriber information and conversion tracking can help to make informed business decisions. This is a guest post by Mark Thompson. Mark is the creator of StayOnSearch and president of Sea... read more ››

12 Tips for developing a Successful Twitter Campaign

Twitter is one of the most popular social media, that if it is used correctly, it can help you drive quality traffic to your website or blog and build a loyal group of supporters. In this article we will focus on how to build a successful twitter campaign, how to maintain and increase your followers and what you should do ... read more ››

Search Engine Optimization in Public Relations Terms

Search Engine Optimization can be explained in Public Relations terms as a communication function, where the organization in this case is the website and the public is the Search Engines along with the users of the web.  The most important reason why we are proceeding on SEO is to build mutual understanding and trust betwe... read more ››

Why my SEO campaign failed? Part 3: Common Link Structure mistakes

The Link Structure of a website is one of the most important SEO factors. It affects how the pages point to each other and how the links are placed within the pages. In the previous 2 articles we examined in detail several Common On-page Optimization mistakes and some Common Web Development mistakes that affect the SEO ca... read more ››

Successful Marketing campaigns in social media to target women

Recent studies point out that women use social networks more than men; indeed, Facebook & Twitter female users reach 57%, Flickr’s 55% and MySpace 64%. Following those results, one thing is certain: the future of social media will be focused on women, and businesses wishing to promote their products or services wi... read more ››

Why my SEO campaign failed? Part 2: Common Web Development mistakes

In a previous article we focused on the Common On-page Optimization mistakes that affect the SEO campaign. In this blog post we will focus on some technical principles that web developers should have in mind when they develop SEO-friendly static or dynamic websites. Here are some common mistakes that can put at risk your ... read more ››

Keyword Research: The core of your SEO Strategy

It is essential to distinguish the technical part of SEO and the strategic one. Developing a strategy in SEO involves keyword research. The reason is obvious; when you have a website optimized for wrong keywords the result can be real a nightmare for you and your client. As an SEO professional you will probably have some ... read more ››

6 ways to optimize your business with Foursquare

What is the hottest mobile trend for 2010? The answer seems obvious. It’s Foursquare, the Twitter of 2010, the leading location-based social network which, with a game aspect, encourages people to explore their neighborhoods via their smartphones, share their visits with local attractions, events and businesses and gives... read more ››

Why my SEO campaign failed? Part 1: Common On-page Optimization mistakes

When it comes to explain why your SEO campaign failed, there are hundreds of things you can mention. This is due to the fact that major Search Engines use hundreds of signals to determine both the authority of a site and the rankings. Within the following weeks we will try to list some of the common mistakes that take pla... read more ››

The 12 new SEO Tools have arrived

The new Web SEO Analytics website has been released with a new Professional SEO Toolbox and a new design. The key features of the new version are: Faster and more user-friendly design No Captcha code is required to build new reports Export the reports in PDF and CSV/Excel format Report Customization by adding your logot... read more ››

New SEO Tools available on 19th of April

We are delighted to announce that on Monday 19th of April the Web SEO Analytics project will move to the next phase: The new Free version of the SEO Tools release to the public. Yesterday, 15th of April, the Beta Testing Program came to its end. During the last month, we received valuable feedback from our Beta Users and ... read more ››

Does the Internal competition affect the Rankings?

There are several cases over the web were multiple pages from the same website are optimized and targeted for the exact terms. Even though such practice is not recommended, it is a very common case mainly due to the fact that people tend to put in their homepages all of their important keywords. In this article we will foc... read more ››

The Easter Eggs & The Easter PageRank Update

Returning from Easter holidays the SEOs found a surprise: Google has once again updated the Toolbar PageRank values. For those of you who regularly check out the Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube this is actually not a big surprise. Matt Cutts has mentioned in the video "State of the Index 2009" (22:45) that gen... read more ››

10 Tips for Optimizing your YouTube Videos

Today YouTube is more than just a website to upload your videos. It represents an extremely popular video search engine, an online community and a powerful marketing tool for every business promotional campaign. YouTube offers marketers the chance to develop great inbound traffic to their business websites, since an inter... read more ››

A sneaky look at the SEO Labs & the New SEO Tools

As you already know Web SEO Analytics has recently released a new SEO Toolbox for beta testing. The new SEO tools will be released to the public in the middle of April and as you expect, they will be available to all of you for Free. So far, the Beta users that have been invited to participate to the tests have sent us gre... read more ››

Two critical factors in a PPC campaign

Every campaign either in traditional or digital marketing is based on 2 critical factors. The analysis and the decision making at the stage of the planning. Decision making Identify the audiences, the goals considering the available budget and define what conversion means to your campaign: Brand awareness Sales Regist... read more ››

New Web SEO Analytics Tools – Beta

During the last weeks we have been working on the new version of our SEO Toolbox. Today (15 March 2010) we launched a Beta Testing period of the Toolbox that will last 1 month. The new tools are located at Web SEO Analytics Labs and you will need a Beta Key to access them. Many of you have already received Beta Keys and th... read more ››

The 10 commandments of Video Marketing

Internet users’ search for online video content is growing exponentially. Indeed, people are usually attracted by videos and are more likely to remember and refer to a video than to any other form of advertisement. Additionally they consider them as a more reliable source of information. Video marketing is still over... read more ››
The best practices and the abandoned SEO techniques

The best practices and the abandoned SEO techniques

In the SEO world one thing is certain: the “best practices” come and go. Due to excessive spamming or because of the appearance of new technologies and methods, these practices are abandoned. Most of the techniques in SEO are based on the following principals: Spiders are stupid: Help them parse your site. Use the ... read more ››

Successful Copywriting for PPC Ads

Let’s assume that the campaign objectives are clear, meaning that we have set the payment setting in line with our budget, we have selected our Keywords and are ready to run a successful Adwords Pay per Click campaign. Everything seems to be ready except the most important element. The Ad that people are going to see d... read more ››

7 Tips on how to write optimized webpage titles

The HTML Title is the text within <title> tag that can be found on the head of the HTML code. As it is the key element that appears in search results, your web pages’ titles are very important for your SEO strategy for two main reasons: Title relevancy is taken into account by the algorithms of Search Engines. Go... read more ››

How to measure the effectiveness of a PPC campaign

Is your PPC campaign successful? Following up the introduction post for PPC, we are going to discuss one of the most important factors: Measuring the effectiveness of the PPC campaign. In this article we will examine briefly the Keyword Quality Score and some ways to Track, Monitor and Control your Campaigns. Keywords ... read more ››

6 steps to write a well-structured press release

In previous articles useful tips were provided on how to write a successful press release. In this blog post we will find out how to ensure that our press releases have the appropriate format. The information that is included in your press release must be structured as a news article; short, interesting and easy-to-read. ... read more ››

7 must-have for SEO friendly hosting services

In the Search Engine Optimization world many SEO professionals tend to focus on the onpage optimization or on the backlink hunting and they forget how important the hosting services are. Surely good hosting services will not boost your rankings, but it is certain that if you do not choose carefully you can get into serious... read more ››

Introduction to PPC campaigns: Keyword Selection

What is a PPC campaign? Pay per Click is a marketing solution provided by some of the major search engines and other companies. We are going to discuss about the most common of them, the Google AdWords service. A pay per click campaign is a communication tool which serves ads in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SER... read more ››

6 basics don’ts when writing press releases

As you may already know, when written the right way, a press release is one of the most efficient ways to promote your online business (see the article "The importance of Press Releases in Online Marketing Campaigns" ). It appears to be a win-win situation, both for you and for the publishers; indeed, by adding in your pr... read more ››