Web SEO Analytics API

Cross the threshold of Your industry

The API is a premium service for Search Engine Optimization & Web professionals provided to all the Premium Plan subscribers of Web SEO Analytics services. It allows you to use our tools within your own application or website and to build your own service.

Outstanding SEO Assets you instantly get with Web SEO Analytics API:
it Yours
Create easily fully Branded SEO Reports for your clients
Automate time-consuming Reporting process in one click
Combine &
Connect our toolbox with 3rd party services such as Google Analytics and develop your own tools
Power up your own service

Make it Yours

Branded Reports in just 3 steps

You don't need to be a software engineer to use the API! Along with the detailed API documentation, Web SEO Analytics offers to any Plan subscribers, completely implemented API samples using all the SEO Toolbox's features.

The API enables you to create branded SEO Reports for your company with absolutely no design limitations on your report's formats. An easy way to brand your reports in 3 steps:

  • 1. Sign Up for a PRO, Agency or Enterprise plan
  • 2. Simply download the code with API Documentation
  • 3. Configure and modify HTML templates to match your company's design

Save time

Automate the Reporting Process

The API enables hundreds of Online Marketing professionals to fully automate the Monitoring and the Reporting process of many projects.

Generating detailed SEO Reports for your clients have never been easier, the whole thing in just in one click!


Combine & Create

Connect our toolbox with 3rd party services such as Google Analytics and develop your own SEO Tools by combining the outcome of our tools.

The API allows you to combine the outcome of different tools and to enhance the reports by integrating 3rd party services such as Google Analytics. This will allow you to develop custom tools responding exactly your company's needs and to generate detailed reports for your clients' online campaigns.


Innovate your Business

Power up your own service

  • Focus on your business model and let our systems handle the business analytics!
  • Web SEO Analytics provides you with accurate tools, ranks and metrics. With those you can generate distinctive analysis and evaluations responding to your business objectives.
  • Sky is the limit and your business opportunities will guide the unlimited options Web SEO Analytics offers.
  • Develop your very own service, and retrieve precious industry data that will truly make the difference between you and the competition.
  • Take a commanding position over the lucrative world in front of you and innovate for your business.

Business Idea

  • Commercial divisions want to evaluate prospects and sale opportunities to a new market
  • Blogging communities wish to evaluate the importance of the submitted articles
  • Domain registrar companies would evaluate the value of the expired domains

....the next idea is yours