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Bold and proud we offer our faithful users and partners a genuinely brand new version of WSA services. The ultimate version of Web SEO Analytics features a totally redesigned web environment with a layout serving at best the reporting functionalities. The SEO Engine that powers up our Toolbox has been redeveloped to include new services, additional powerful SEO Tools and to incorporate all of the features that were requested by our community.

Read below to see what’s new!

What is new?

Everything is new! But let’s see the most important updates of this version:

New SEO Tools

1. WSA Spider

The WSA Spider will become the most powerful tool of your SEO Arsenal. It allows you to analyze your entire website just like a search engine and optimize it by taking into account all the known Ranking factors.

2. URL Analyzer

The URL Analyzer is a great competition analysis tool, which allows you to scan a large list of pages, determine their strength & importance and analyze their SEO strategy. It provides detailed statistics for all the known SEO signals from link popularity and social media reputation, indexation and page quality, to domain authority and traffic. This tool has been inspired from Domain Battle & SERP Analysis tools and it was developed based on your feedback!

New PDF Reports & Enhanced Report Personalization features

1. New Professional Skin

Our design team has worked hard to ensure that the new Web SEO Analytics reports look purely awesome! Providing all the necessary information in a well-structured way, the new layout ensures that reports look professional, with easy and maximal readability.

2. Advanced PDF Personalization

The new version of our service enables you to create truly personalized PDF reports without needing to use the API. Additional advanced personalization options have been developed, now allowing you to upload your logo, modify the displayed titles and change the colors of the Reports, the Graph & Chart styles and the various icon badges that appear in the PDFs.

3. Improved PDF quality

One of the greatest challenges that we faced in this release is to find a way to improve the PDF quality and fit the huge amount of data that are provided on the reports. The new PDFs look truly amazing and by using the advanced PDF personalization options you can build your own professional Branded SEO Reports within minutes!

New Metrics & Statistics

After extensive R&D and heavy testing, we are proud to announce that new metrics and statistics are incorporated in most of our tools. Those new metrics come directly from our very own Index, which now consists of more than 20 million websites. The most important new metrics are the following:

1. WebzyRank

The WebzyRank is a link popularity metric, that measures the importance of a webpage on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. WebzyRank takes into account the quantity and quality of the incoming links and it can be used as an accurate proxy of Google`s PageRank.

2. Domain Score

The Domain Score is a metric that measures the importance of a domain on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100. The Domain Score is a composite rank which takes into account several signals such as the Authority of the Domain, the quality and Quantity of incoming links, the Traffic, the Social Media Reputation and more.

3. Global Rank

The Global Rank is a number which shows how popular your website is compared to all the other websites on the Web. The Global Rank is calculated by sorting our Index by Domain Score and by generating a list of domains order by popularity.

Find out the rest of the metrics by using our new toolbox!

Speed & Accuracy

1. Up to 50 times faster Analysis

The SEO Engine that powers up our SEO Software has been redesigned in order to improve the speed of the Analysis. You will be amazed to see that some of the tools have become up to 50 times faster!

2. More accurate Metrics & Statistics

The redevelopment targeted in improving significantly the accuracy of our analysis. Moreover we performed all the algorithmic updates to ensure that our metrics now have an accuracy of at least two decimal places.

Enhanced API

Web SEO Analytics introduces with this new release, a new WSA API 1.20v, which will allow you to access all of the new tools and metrics. Moreover it includes new API Actions such as the viewLimits that allow you to check the remaining API calls that you have with a given subscription plan. Note that our team has ensured that the current API clients can be updated with minor effort. For more information concerning the API please check our Technical Details.

New Agency & Enterprise Plans

We have conceived 2 new clever SEO Plans with main focus on covering the needs of SEO & Online Marketing Agencies as well as ISPs that up to now had to buy multiple PRO subscriptions to be able to run their reports.

The new Plans have far less limitations and additional features allowing you to generate hundreds and thousands of reports per day by using each tool. In addition Web SEO Analytics now offers you as well the ability to white label our API data and use our metrics without providing specific credit to our company.

New Payment System & Recurring Billing

Another important update on our service took place on our Payment System. We have replaced the previous credit-based system with a simpler payment system, easier to use and more secure.

Important notice: Please note that if you have already purchased credits with the previous system, you can still use them! You will get 1 euro discount for every WSA credit that you have in your account!

1. Secure Payments

The new payment system targets on ensuring the security of the payments. The Security of the transactions is of utmost importance for us and we take all the necessary steps to protect your billing info. Using your credit card to purchase our services is absolutely safe because none of your sensitive data such as your credit card number or your CCV are collected, transmitted or stored on our Systems. Instead we use the services of a PCI compliant secure payment gateway (one of the largest European banks), which is responsible for collecting and storing securely your data. Moreover Web SEO Analytics has an SSL certificate that prohibits the interception of your sensitive data and our technical team ensures that all of our servers are regularly updated and patched.

2. Recurring Billing

The new system allows you to update your subscriptions without requiring you to take any manual action. All the subscriptions on our service are automatically updated based on the subscription plan of your choice. If you don’t wish to be charged for the next period you simply cancel your subscription before the expiration date. You can cancel at any time! For your convenience we have also implemented Email notifications to ensure that you’ll be notified before the renewal.

3. Trials & Special Offers

The new payment system finally enabled us to offer Free Trials and special offers to our clients. Check out our new Pricing & Plans page to see all the available offers!

New Affiliate Program

We have launched a brand new affiliate program, which will allow you to become a strategic partner of Web SEO Analytics. Become our affiliate and start making money. The deal is simple: You get up to 30% commission on the sales that you refer to us + 10% from the payouts of the affiliates that you recruit (2nd tier)! Sign up today to the affiliate program of the company that you trust.

All of our members have received an email notification concerning the new release. Please note that our Terms of Use have been updated in order to be compatible with the new services, so make sure you read and accept them before you start using our toolbox.

We are looking forward to your feedback and comments and we hope that you will find our toolbox useful for your business!

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