Reputation management in social media for hotels

social media

A critical part in hospitality sector today, Online Reputation Management regards not only listening and joining online conversation about your brand but also monitoring discussions and build online strategies to create positive content for your brand and eliminate the opposite.

Undoubtedly, nowadays, presence in social channels and networking sites is for web hoteliers prerequisite for their brand’s growth. If traveler searches online information for your hotel and the majority of online results are negative, the possibility that this traveler would book the room at your hotel is almost zero.

Monitoring your online reputation and then listening your audience and reacting accordingly in order to engage with it, is the path to a successful online marketing strategy in social media. There are many factors to consider in order taking full advantage of social media:

Online Reviews

Trip Advisor and other similar channels permit travelers to give their valuable feedback and give the chance to hoteliers to improve their services.

Brand Awareness

Building a strong brand through social media requires to target your audience, select the social media they often use and approach them through a dynamic online marketing strategy.

Social media whose main feature is virality should be used productively with the creation of visually appealing content; share, likes, retweets, repins via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are just some of the ways that hotels need to take into consideration so that they increase the level of brand awareness amongst users.

The “social” Website

Make your website a live playground that integrates media like review feed(s) or social icons and widgets with information about destination’s events, restaurants, nightlife and activities.

Real-time Support

Give guests the chance to express through Twitter or Facebook and offer them real time support through these networking channels for a maximum number of satisfied clients.

Mind that the future of online reputation management requires that hoteliers will need not only to build a strong online strategy but also realize the power of social analytics and mobile as well as to ‘connect’ dynamically social web activity and action/practices into the organization. Analytics (like Google Analytics) is an effective way for hoteliers to estimate the impact of social media in terms of (referral) traffic that directs the audience to their website.


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