Increase Organic Traffic by Analyzing PPC data in 3 Simple Steps

keywordsIn the next 5 minutes you will find out an easy step by step process that will help you discover, target and achieve top SERP (search engine results page) rankings for profitable keywords.

This process will effectively result to increased sales and leads from your website.

1. Keyword Mining Phase

While everyone else mostly uses free keyword mining tools in order to uncover popular and competitive head terms; you can get ahead of your competitors by utilizing your own updated and related to your website private pay per click data.

Thus, log in to your Google analytics account (or your preferred web analytics platform) and your pay per click account and dig your pay per click data in order to pinpoint with accuracy the paid keyword terms that generated the highest amount of sales and leads.

The last action of the keyword mining phase is the selection of all profitable keywords that you aim to dominate SERPs for and prepare the creation of relevant landing pages that target these terms.


2. On Page SEO

By investing in pay per click traffic, you can test the waters quickly and achieve fast feedback regarding measurable KPIs such as click-through rates (CTR), bounce rate and average time on page.

The above process will lead you to further optimize your landing pages in order to be more relevant to your target audience and search engines.

Additionally, by further looking at your CTR on specific pay per click advertisements you will manage to create fresh, high click through rate meta tags (title & description) for your landing pages that will boost your SERP rankings.

Finally, after you insert your high value keywords to your landing pages copy, you are ready to start promoting your website in order to rank as high as possible for these keywords.


3. Develop a Link Acquisition Strategy

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to acquire backlinks that will boost your SERP rankings for your website is by copying the following three actions:

  • Conduct a link profile analysis with proprietary tools like WebSEOanalytics for all the websites that rank in the top ten for each keyword phrase that you want to target and rank for.
  • Browse the backlink results (potential link building opportunities) and find all relevant authority sites, blogs, personal sites and review sites that you would like to acquire backlinks for.
  • Acquire as many backlinks as possible from these websites, linking back to your most profitable landing pages with anchor text relevant to the keyword phrases you are targeting.



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