The 10 Dos and 10 Don’ts of a Corporate Social Media Strategy

social-media-dos-dontsGuides, reports and presentations can be useful tools in order to build an effective social media strategy of highly ROI. But, what if we attempt to extract the essence of the main Do’s and Don’ts that a Social Media Strategist should print and keep in a major place at office?

In this article we describe in detail what you should do and what you should avoid while designing, developing and executing your social media strategy and we provide the top of the mind list of a successful social media strategist:

10 Social Media Do`s

  1. Before developing, identify the 4W: WHAT, WHO, WHEN and WHY.
  2. Clear out the goal. Either you want to approach a new niche market or you want to attract younger community members, be specific so that your messages are targeted.
  3. Be in consistence with the value proposition that your company offers.
  4. Carefully check the content before submitting. Always think the instant word of mouth.
  5. Build a community instead of audience and trusted relationships instead of campaigns.
  6. Offer valuable (and even exclusive) content for the targeted audience.
  7. Listen to your audience and respond immediately and wisely. Receive product feedback and integrate into your strategy.
  8. Keep a coherence image and attitude in different channels.
  9. Measure your achievements. Define goals and Key performance indicators. Make sure you measure and review your strategy based on the results.
  10. Be different and unique.

Above all remember that social media is a great channel that can provide you with invaluable feedback. Thus try to ENGAGE and INTERACT with the members of the community!

10 Social Media Dont`s

  1. Don`t build it independently of your offline strategy.
  2. Don`t advertise, engage your community.
  3. Don`t shout, listen to conversations.
  4. Don`t execute, interact with the people.
  5. Don`t focus on products perception, but on their feelings when they use your products.
  6. Don`t create a circle of fans but a circle of trust.
  7. Don`t dictate, be democratic and community-oriented.
  8. Don`t only ask, reward with gifts and information.
  9. Don`t lie, be always authentic and faithful.
  10. Don`t create promotion value but added value.

Above all remember that the main target of developing a social media campaign is to generate buzz for your company. Don`t try to sell directly.

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