Why and How to Use AMP to Your Mobile Pages

What is AMP? It is a project from Google & Twitter, designed to create very fast mobile pages. Google announced the launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project on February 25th. This open source framework was first announced on October 2015 with the goal to provide a fast loading mobile environment for publish... read more ››

Multiply your business figures with Instagram!

With around 1 billion photos being liked every day and approximately around 1 million perfectly active users every month along with online giant images and videos sharing social forum, Instagram can help you get connected with socially active consumers. Crossing the recent 300 million users mark, Instagram, over the past fe... read more ››

Quick Local SEO Checklist for 2016

Nowadays local SEO is very important for all businesses. According to this article 58% of the 100 most expensive keyword searches are location-sensitive. Why use Local SEO 1. Generate Quality & Targeted Traffic Which means: a. Better UX b. Better CTR c. Better Conversion Rate. (Image Credits: searchengine... read more ››


Since mobile has become the digital “conqueror” of modern times the mobile technology is developing and so ASO benefits are of great importance. Nevertheless, ASO alone is not enough for those marketers looking for holistic marketing app solutions. In this framework, this article will be an attempt to briefly approach A... read more ››

Search Engine Optimizers – We Need To Talk About RankBrain

RankBrain- This Deep Learning algorithmic inclusion to Google’s search has changed the Internet, is currently affecting your search results, and will likely continue to do so. Here are the questions you need to be asking right now…. “What does Deep Learning have to do with me?” SEO’s need to know these terms - M... read more ››

How to Create Content with an Aim

Caitlin Forsyth is a digital marketing expert who specialises in SEO and Social media. She runs her own blog on digital marketing and her hobbies include cycling, baking and graphic design. Decide the aim of the post Before you start any type of post, whether it’s a blog post, a video, a podcast or somethin... read more ››

SEO as a Marketing Tool

Online marketers know that SEO is a critical factor for driving website traffic. Search cannot consider independent of the Web and the Web cannot work without search. Furthermore, studies show that SEO is a significant high ROI strategy. 72% of business owners that have used a SEO strategy felt that it improved their bo... read more ››

The best piece of SEO Advice for 2016

Why use SEO in 2016? What would SEO be like in 2016? Up until now, SEO was all about Rankings and increase of Organic Traffic. These were the 2 main KPIs we were measuring and presenting to our clients. We had some main factors so as to achieve a good SEO optimization (On-Page & Off-Page) as Keywords Density, meta titl... read more ››

Dos and Don’ts in Email Marketing

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches– at scale. David Newman I suppose that you do receive many marketing emails every day but how many do you open? Or how many do you even click? I bet you delete many emails without even looking at them, just like your potential customers wo... read more ››

4 ways an open graph can increase your website traffic & how to implement them

“The power in Facebook remains its potency to generate earned conversation and engagement" - Social@Ogilvy. Facebook is a valuable asset. Small, medium or large sized businesses owning a website, can only be leveraged when they gain Facebook traffic generated from users that have interacted with posts regarding their b... read more ››

How to tackle “This site may be hacked” in 6 steps

A few days ago, Google announced the rolling out of a set of algorithmic changes in order to “tackle hacked spam in search results”.  As Google has publically stated, in 2015 there has been a 180% increase in the number of hacked sites and a 300% increase in hacked site reconsideration requests.  So, in the unfortunat... read more ››

Design and Maintain a Successful Mobile Friendly Website

The significant growth of mobile devices is on the verge of having a negative impact on businesses that haven’t adapted it. Google has announced that nowadays more searches taking place on mobile devices than on desktop.  Additionally, Google continues to make updates to the mobile search algorithm and promotes mobile... read more ››

User Personas and SEO

Marketing is all about communicating - effectively- the importance of a product, of a service or a brand to the audience. What is necessary in order to achieve this goal, is to “know your audience” and to have a holistic perspective of what this particular audience needs and wants. Nowadays, Digital Marketing, is starti... read more ››

OnPage SEO Benefits

The last few years SEO is constantly changing. Nevertheless it still remains one of the main and most effective techniques of Online Marketing. SEO ranking factors are divided in two main sectors: - the OnPage SEO factors and - the OffPage SEO factors. The big difference between these two main sectors is that the O... read more ››

5 Tips to Turbo Boost your Mobile SEO performance

After Google’s Mobile Update on April 21st, mobile is definitely a priority for search marketers and everybody hopes to have the “mobile friendly” label in the mobile search results at SERPS. We will follow an example of having a separate mobile site (m.domain.com) which means that a different version of the site ... read more ››

A Guide for better Landing Page Conversion Rate

Creating a competitive landing page conversion rate depends on a variety of factors that span from awareness of basic human psychology of “what the customer wants” to more complex concepts such the interconnectedness and dynamics of the variation among audience, purpose, intent, product, industry, perception, buy-in, co... read more ››

The single link building technique for permanent success part 2

It hasn’t been a long time since we talked about the single link building technique, with “we” meaning us, SEO experts (or Inbound Marketing Experts I should say), which needs to be implemented in order to be effective in the long run, regardless of the way Google evaluates & serves results to the user. Meanwhi... read more ››

International SEO Best Practices

It is an undeniable fact that the Internet evolution has shrunk our world. Companies are now able to find and interact with global audiences like never before. As the global market reach grows, companies must do everything they can so as to easily be found in a great worldwide marketplace. That’s where international searc... read more ››

10 Advanced SEO Tips & Tricks 2015

The search marketing industry has been growing quickly, so has the SEO competition between businesses during the last years. As a result, even if we implement all the basic SEO actions as choosing our targeted keywords, implementing the right h1-h2, adding more than 600 words in our landing pages and implementing the best i... read more ››

Why invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing is key in creating high-quality content so as to attract, inform and engage an audience, while also promoting the brand itself. "Content is anything that adds value to the reader's life."- Avinash Kaushik, Google In the past, online businesses only focused on keywords and how they could better get rankin... read more ››

Tips for successful email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an effective means of promoting your business, communicating with your clients in a direct manner, targeting specific markets and developing a steady clientele base that will ensure that your products and services are recognizable and deliverable. The shapes and forms of email marketing can vary, from ... read more ››

3 Reasons why SEO is one of the Best Investments for your Business

Over the past few years many misconceptions have emerged concerning Search Engine Optimization. But which are some of the most misleading thoughts we have heard about SEO during the last year or so? “SEO is dead; the social media guru proclaimed.” “I don’t want SEO. I just want a good looking website similar t... read more ››

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – All You Need To Know

As Google announced on April 21st, the Google Search engine will deploy a major update that will affect results shown for searches conducted in mobile devices in all languages worldwide. It is in fact, the first time Google has publically announced an update to its algorithm before it has been rolled out. As Google states, ... read more ››

5 tips for creating engaging content on social media platforms

The type of content that you present in social media platforms will affect the engagement of your audience and that itself is a reason to create attractive social media content. Due to the fact that all social media generate signals that among other things positively affect SEO performance and thus customer engagement event... read more ››

Is your website penalised by Google?

Google changes its algorithms quite often so as to ensure better and more accurate results. If you have a minimum SEO knowledge you might have heard about the famous Penguin and Panda updates. (As well as the Hummingbird Algorithm which we will discuss in another blogpost). If you check the latest updates you will realise t... read more ››

The single link building technique for permanent success

One of the most challenging issues for SEO is as you may guess…effective link building! And by effective we mean both in terms of performance rankings as well as long term benefit. You may blast the hell out of your website with blog comments, directory submissions, social bookmarks and you may see the benefit in rankings... read more ››

Ten Critical Steps for your E-shop’s Success

If you own a retail business you will soon realize that existing only offline is not enough. In order for you to succeed you will have to adapt into the new digital environment and make your services or products available online through an e - shop. People prefer to buy things from the internet as the process is much simple... read more ››

5 trends for digital marketing in 2015

They say that those who strive better are those who adapt better, and nowhere else is that more true than in the world of online digital marketing. The last decade has seen an incredible increase in client responsive technology and digital marketing campaigns are incorporating more and more strategies to capture that aspect... read more ››

How to integrate Mobile into your Marketing Mix

Nowadays there is a rapid consumer adoption of mobile and mobile-enhanced media services. Mobile has become so important to people that a new psychological term has been invented: Nomophobia, which is the fear of being without your mobile phone!!! Marketers need to listen to customer's digital signals which increasingly ... read more ››

How to Discover Missed SEO opportunities in your website

Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Specialist at Dynamic Search with a love for film-making, content marketing, and photography. He lives with his wife and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona. Your website is your internet reputation, and you’ve put your sweat and bone into making it look professional and... read more ››