Top 10 tips for online Branding

Branding is the process of shaping the identity of a company! The “profile”, which is selected by a company, is also one of the main features that will affect the relationship to a certain extent that will be formed with the consumers in the future. If you want to stand out and to properly reflect in the public memory, you must obtain your own identity, you must to leave your personal-print!

Why Branding Online is Important

A company without a specific and distinct identity is very difficult to evolve and expand in a competitive society. It must continually work harder to find new customers and sometimes even go out of budget to acquire each customer.

Top 10 online branding tips

Here is a list of the top 10 tips that can help you improve your online branding:

1. Identity-Logo

Designing your own logo may seem to be a bright start. It is also a good way to save money. A logo always has a professional impact and by having it on your website, cards, letterheads etc, people will pay attention to it and will remember it for the right reasons.

2.  Website

A well designed website is a great projection tool for the company throughout the Internet. A well reflecting and effective professional website doesn’t always need a huge budget, but good planning.

3. Email Signature

Create a branding signature as an ending to your emails with the company’s logo and information. This will be an easy way to look more professional and will help you to raise brand awareness.

4. Social Media

Set up social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter which are the most popular and well known to the public. Start to share your content. This will help the company communicate with potential customers & competitors and promote your business, products or services. Your social media strategy is very important for your corporate image & profile.

5. Social buttons

Make it easy for people to find you online. Include social media buttons on your website that will directly link people to the company’s social media accounts which can also be included in the company’s email signature.

Having a consistent online image via your website & social media will help you to raise the awareness of your brand and maintain a professional image. Be careful of Do’s & Don’ts on your social media and you will win!

6.  Forum Signatures

Search & connect with business forums relative to the object of your company, communicate and do not hesitate to leave your comments. Business forums often allow you to have a branded profile or signature which can help you stand out.

7. Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is very important for your company. Commonly people judge your product or service in a forum which can be highly damaging your brand’s reputation. Checking for customer’s comments and feedback in online forums constantly will help you raise awareness about your business.

8. Blogging Your Brand

Create a blog for your company or collaborate for guest blog posts about interesting subjects about the industry you are in or just write about your business!  This will improve your SEO and your website traffic, as well as it will help you reach a wider audience.

9. SEΟ

It is important for your website to include Search Engine Optimization campaign. A friendly SEO website will ensure that the related search queries will bring your site to be at the top of the results pages.

10. Newsletter

Newsletter is a very important communication tool, because you can keep the costumers or the people who are interested in your brand informed of the benefits or new activities you release. The most important advantages of the newsletter are that it is simple, inexpensive, mass message delivery and it happens in no time!

Don’t forget: Get personal and be real
Humanizing your company is important for branding. Don’t be afraid to content and share tips and tricks and pieces of advice.


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