The new WSA API 1.21v is released

We are happy to announce that the new version of our API is now available!

What are the most important changes?

The new 1.21 version is compatible with the previous version and as a result it immediately replaced the 1.20v. The update focused primarily on improving the speed and the throughput of the service. Few algorithmic updates were also performed affecting the way that WebzyRank and WuzzRank are calculated.

Finally due to the close down of DomainFace service, which powered up the Aged Domain Finder, the tool was redeveloped from scratch. Due to this update 3 of the filters of Aged Domain Finder were deprecated: filter by AlexaRank, PageRank and Age in Years. Minor updates took also place on the recognized salesTypes and salesCategories in order to provide more accurate description about the status of the aged domains.

Who is affected?

This update affects directly only the API users and not the ones that use our tools via the Web interface (website). The API users who don’t access the Aged Domain Tool do not need to update their implementations; all the benefits of the new release will become immediately available to them without any changes on their source code.

The Aged Domain Tool users should stop accessing the 3 deprecated filters and have a look to the new available types and categories which now provide better description about the returned domains.

Should I update my API client?

Even without any update on your API client, your application will continue being fully functional. It is advised though to update your implementation as described above to ensure that you will keep your client up-to-date. The new API clients, code samples and the detailed documentation are now available on the API page. On the new API manual you will find all the details that you need in order to upgrade your implementation.

We are certain that you will find the new API faster and more powerful. We are looking forward to your comments!


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