Major Updates on WSA SEO Tools and Core Engine

We are happy to announce that we have updated several cores of our SEO Engine.

The updates are immediately incorporated on the latest version of our toolbox & API and no changes are required from our API users in order to access them. Here are the most important changes:

1. More Backlinks

We made drastic updates on our index in order to be able fetch faster more pages per website, improve the speed of analysis and thus be able to provide more backlinks for each page. The Backlink Analyzer, the Link Popularity and the Web SEO Analysis tools are affected by this update.

2. New Tokenization Algorithm – Improved Text Analysis

We have replaced our previous tokenization algorithm which was responsible for detecting and extracting the keywords from a given document. We updated the optimization, relevance and spam filters in order to align our Analysis with the latest versions of Google Panda and Penguin updates and be able to report more accurately cases of over-optimization. The Keyword Analyzer, Web SEO Analysis, Blog Analyzer and WSA Spider tools were affected by this change.

3. Speed of Analysis, Accuracy of Results, Service Availability

In this update, we took again steps to improve the speed of the analysis, reducing the execution times of some components by up to 40 times. We resolved any problems related to NULL replies in our metrics and thus we heavily improved our accuracy. Finally we resolved all the know problems with the availability of API service and we reduced heavily the percentage of timeout reports.

4. Improved Keyword Ranking Reports

In the past few of our users reported inconsistent rankings on Keyword Battle tool. This was the result of accessing different Datacenters. In this update we took steps to detect such cases and re-adjust the reported rankings. This leads to very accurate Keyword Rankings reporting.

5. Enhanced use of Machine Learning

Web SEO Analytics is using both sophisticated statistical analysis techniques and Machine Learning methods to evaluate the various metrics and features of the websites. In this update, we managed to reduce the execution times of these algorithms and thus we incorporated them in more parts of our analysis. You can think of this like the Panda Update of Web SEO Analytics.


We would like to thank all of our premium users for supporting our company and all of our users for reporting problems and suggesting new features. We promise you that we will continue to improve our services and to offer new tools and service. Very soon, we will be able to announce a new series of Online Marketing Tools, so stay tuned.


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