The 12 new SEO Tools have arrived

The new Web SEO Analytics website has been released with a new Professional SEO Toolbox and a new design.

The key features of the new version are:

  1. Faster and more user-friendly design
  2. No Captcha code is required to build new reports
  3. Export the reports in PDF and CSV/Excel format
  4. Report Customization by adding your logotype, brand name and Titles

Here is a brief description of the new SEO Tools:

  1. Web SEO Analysis: Analyze a website page for all the important SEO factors and get a detailed report about the Indexation, Traffic, Reputation and Social Media Data, Keyword Analysis and Diagnostics.
  2. Keyword Battle: Check the Search Engine Rankings of your website compared to your competitors by importing a List of Keywords & Domains, selecting the targeted Search Engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) along with the appropriate Language Version (, .com, .fr etc).
  3. Keyword Analyzer: Analyze your page`s content, find the Keyword Rank of each keyword phrase and get the relevance of page according to your keywords, title, HTML metatags and HTML headings.
  4. Reputation Tracker: Find the reputation of your URL in Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more.
  5. Domain Info: Get in one click the current status of your domain name, including Alexa Rank, domain age, indexation in DMOZ &, robots.txt content and WHOIS records.
  6. HTML Validator: Check simultaneously up to 5 URLs’ validity according to W3C standards. The HTML Valid websites are parsed easier by Search Engines and they are more likely to be cross browser.
  7. PageRank Check: Find out how important your web pages are according to Google metrics. Submit your URLs to check out instantly their PageRank.
  8. Multi DC PageRank: Check the PageRank of a specific URL from several Google Data Centers in order to detect in advance Google Toolbar evolutions.
  9. Site Submitter: Submit your website to major search engines and directories in one click! Including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Moreover, Alexa, ScrubTheWeb, Jayde and more…
  10. Duplicate Content: Compare 2 URLs to discover how similar they are and avoid duplicate content problems.
  11. Indexed Pages: Verify your web pages` indexation in Google, Yahoo! or Bing by submitting your domain.
  12. Link Popularity: Get an immediate listing of the pages that link to your website and see how popular your URL is.

Feel free to send us your feedback about the new website and SEO Toolbox or suggest new features.


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