New Web SEO Analytics Tools – Beta

New SEO ToolsDuring the last weeks we have been working on the new version of our SEO Toolbox. Today (15 March 2010) we launched a Beta Testing period of the Toolbox that will last 1 month. The new tools are located at Web SEO Analytics Labs and you will need a Beta Key to access them. Many of you have already received Beta Keys and the rest of the beta testers will get their account within the next days.

What`s New?

More accurate, faster and easier to use, our SEO toolbox is back after a deep remaking and the addition of new features and functionalities.

Thanks to your support and valuable feedback, we implemented several new features in all of our tools and we upgraded the SEO engine with a new improved Engine that you will have the opportunity to experience from now on.

The Look & Feel of the website, especially the reports have been through a strong facelift while staying faithful to our style and care to the details. The user experience is enhanced thanks to very user-friendly report presentations with more comprehensible information architecture and interactive features.

The new functionalities and features that have been implemented, aim at covering the needs of both SEO Professionals and webmasters.

Participate in the Project

At Web SEO Analytics we consider your feedback of utmost importance. Many of the improvements, evolutions and new features of this New version have been inspired by our member`s input and reviews. We develop Professional SEO Tools for Professionals and Developers because our inner vocation is to meet SEO Professionals and Webmasters` expectations and to answer to their specific needs.

Rewarding our Contributors

We will be grateful and reward people who support Web SEO Analytics by reporting eventual issues, suggesting new features, writing articles, reviews or blog posts about our Toolbox or by sharing their views about Web SEO Analytics in Social Media.

Those users will receive Special Privilege Accounts with the new features available and with less limitations. They will also be granted Beta Keys to test the Tools while they are still in the lab!

How to get a Beta Key?

If you are an SEO professional and you are interested in accessing the Beta Version for testing or if you plan to write a review/article about the new services, feel free to send us your details to Request a beta key.

The Roadmap

Several new features will be added and launched gradually within the next weeks.

Stay tuned and remember that those tools are Your tools and therefore additional changes will occur based on your feedback. Contact us to review, report and to suggest new features or let us know what you think of the Beta version.

The toolbox that we launched is a small part of Web SEO Analysis Final toolbox. Several innovative tools are under development or final testing and will be launched in a second Release to be announced soon.


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