Search Engine Optimization in Public Relations Terms

Search Engine Optimization can be explained in Public Relations terms as a communication function, where the organization in this case is the website and the public is the Search Engines along with the users of the web.  The most important reason why we are proceeding on SEO is to build mutual understanding and trust between the public of the website and the Search Engine users.

Essential practices

Public Relations are based on research, planning and programming, in order to build trustworthy and understanding relations between the organization and its public. Successful SEO is also a long term relation between website and search engines which require an indepth research of the industry, product and competitors.  Search Engines are important channels through which you can reach your target audience.

Traditional Media vs. Search Engines

Search Engines are not like conventional media, where you buy space to reach the public. Although you can still buy ad space by using PPC services, the main principal of most SE is to deliver quality content and relevant ads to users. Considering this approach, it is easy to understand that black-hat SEO practices not only they are not an option but they are a bad decision.

We optimize our content, structure, meta data etc, to have a transparent and friendly presence, so that both Search Engines and web users can easily get answers on when, why and how we offer our goods or services.  This is the way to build a long-term successful SEO campaign.

A long term relation

As you already know, it is not possible to boost your SEO performance as in a sales promotion program. What you can do, is to build a long term relation which requires time, effort and flexibility. Try to understand what are the user’s needs, conduct experiments and try to understand how Search Engines work. Make sure you study the metrics, the news of your industry along with news of Search Engines in order to stay updated and able to be proactive.


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