Successful Copywriting for PPC Ads

successful_copywriting_for_PPC_smallLet’s assume that the campaign objectives are clear, meaning that we have set the payment setting in line with our budget, we have selected our Keywords and are ready to run a successful Adwords Pay per Click campaign.

Everything seems to be ready except the most important element. The Ad that people are going to see displayed on a SERP after a search query.

The importance of an Ad copy is the same as for all communication campaigns. The copy text must be attractive, catchy and very specific, thus allowing us to deliver a clear message.

The Ad copy in Adwords has limitations in terms of specific number of characters that you can use in order to grab the attention of the users, therefore more attention is required to details in order to achieve better results. The elements of an Ad are the:

  1. Ad Title
  2. Ad Description
  3. Landing Page

The Ad Title

The title is the most important element of an Ad simply because it’s the first impression to the user. In the title you must include your most popular keywords in maximum 35 characters. These keywords will automatically be highlighted in bold attracting user’s attention. Consequently there will be a clear answer to the relevant query.

The Ad Description

The description is what users are looking after the title. There you can shortly describe your value proposition. Add your value proposition or a special offer and explain to the users that your offer provides exactly what they are looking for.

Keep in mind that the description includes 2 lines with maximum capacity of 35 characters per line.

So, till now you have attracted users interest, informed them about what you offer and now it’s time for a hard selling call to action. Click now, subscribe, book now, look here, whatever your goal is, you have to add a call to action in order to see results and conversions from your campaign.


The Landing Page

Your Ad was very effective and the users have finally clicked upon it. So what next?

Users are leaving the SERP and land to one of your pages. Attention should be paid to the URL that your Ad is pointing to. The URL must point to a well designed Landing Page, relevant to the search query and to the Ad text. Note that if the users that are searching for specific query land to a generic home page, the game is over and the conversion is lost.

The text that is included in your ad is your golden opportunity to attract users & acquire the conversion required. When users are visiting your ‘store’ (Landing page) you must sell so as the target is not lost and miss revenue. Therefore have a negative cost of the click.

Optimize your campaign by testing various ad texts and landing pages to find the ones that fit best to your business. A small change to the title of your ad or to the call to action may lead to double conversions. Focus on your target. Stop reading and get the job done!!


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