7 Tips on how to write optimized webpage titles

The HTML Title is the text within <title> tag that can be found on the head of the HTML code. As it is the key element that appears in search results, your web pages’ titles are very important for your SEO strategy for two main reasons:

  1. Title relevancy is taken into account by the algorithms of Search Engines.
  2. Good descriptive titles increase the click through rate.

Here are some tips in order to enhance your website’s visibility through title optimization:

1. Write short Titles

Google has a maximum title length of 64-70 characters. Do not make the title longer, because Google cuts down its display in the search results. Use the Web SEO Analysis Tool to check your title’s length.

2. Identify your Keywords

Indentify the keyphrases of your web page’s content. List down all possible words describing the content of your page. Step in the shoes of the user and list all the relevant search terms that he/she may formulate. The words used in your title will be displayed in search engine results as a clickable link. Therefore it should contain your page’s main keywords. You can use the Web SEO Analysis Tool to find how relevant your Title is with the rest of your page.

3. The important goes first

Start your title by adding the important keywords that you found during research. The words appearing first are considered to be more important.

4. Use targeted keywords

Choose specific keywords for your title in order to have more targeted traffic.

5. Be descriptive

Make sure that your title summarizes the content of your web page. In this way users will know what the topic of your page is, when it appears in the search results. This will help you decrease the bounce rate and increase the click through rate.

6. Create unique titles

Make sure you use unique titles for each web page. Duplicate titles might lead to duplicate content issues.

7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing or any other spam technique should be avoided. Even if you manage to rank first, an “over optimized” title will reduce your click through rate.

Don’t forget that you should always write webpage titles and content that is attractive to users! By trying to achieve high rankings, SEOs often forget that the most important factor of our success is the users’ “click” on our website link.


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