Successful Marketing campaigns in social media to target women

Recent studies point out that women use social networks more than men; indeed, Facebook & Twitter female users reach 57%, Flickr’s 55% and MySpace 64%.

Following those results, one thing is certain: the future of social media will be focused on women, and businesses wishing to promote their products or services will have a great opportunity to attract them directly via targeted marketing campaigns.

By appealing women through the usage of social media, companies are likely to get real time feedback on their new products, services and online campaigns. What do women talk about in social networks?

You’ll be surprised (or not actually) to find out that 62% of women talk about products. They are essentially interested about beauty products, then comes the food, the restaurants, and also the movies, the music or the entertainment.

Keeping that in mind, and within 4 easy steps described below, let’s see how to effectively target women and increase your business’s visibility and sales:

1. Conduct Research

Use social media tools like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and find out what do women do, what they like, what they want and you’ll get an idea of what they are looking for and how your business will be able to help them get it.

2. Use major social media

Use those powerful communication tools social media provide you with, and create a page or group in Facebook and Myspace, set up your Twitter account and make dreamy offers to promote your products or services.

But careful! Do not create pages and accounts that will sleep once created! Use your imagination and come up with many small actions and ideas that will attract and keep your target’s attention.

3. Use niche social network

Use specific audiences targeted social networks such as CafeMom, TwitterMoms, Dogster, Catster, Ning and by cleverly promoting your business after having studied what women do on those social networks, build up targeted marketing campaigns to effectively reach out to female users and find out if what you sell is worth.

4. Create your ways to interact

Instead of buying a traditional space to make a simple advertisement, create friendly and seductive applications, plugins, offer presents, discounts, make contests and viral campaigns and capture their attention as well as their profile’s friends’ attention to your products. In this way you will maximize your visibility and you will get potential new clients-customers.

So what is left to do is understand the strength of women in the online community though social networking, discover their habits and needs by searching for what they are doing on these sites. Figure out how your business can answer effectively to their needs in order to understand women’s powerful online implication in the success of your marketing campaigns.

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