A sneaky look at the SEO Labs & the New SEO Tools

As you already know Web SEO Analytics has recently released a new SEO Toolbox for beta testing. The new SEO tools will be released to the public in the middle of April and as you expect, they will be available to all of you for Free.

So far, the Beta users that have been invited to participate to the tests have sent us great reviews. In this post, we will examine 2 of the new SEO Tools and few of the features of the next version.

New SEO Tools + Demos

Those of you who already use our SEO tools are familiar with Web SEO Analysis and Keyword Battle. Here is what’s new on the next version:

web_seo_analysis_toolWeb SEO Analysis Tool will allow you to conduct a complete Analysis of a particular page based on each and any of the identified SE ranking factors.
As such you will discover between other, new features such as Detailed Indexation Info, Traffic Reports, Reputation and Social Media Data, Keyword Analysis and Detailed Diagnostics.

View Demo: PDFCSV/Excel

web_seo_analysis_toolKeyword Battle Tool has been rethought in order to propose a tool that would put to competition more keywords for more domains. In the new version, you will have the possibility to check the Search Engine Rankings of your website compared to your competitors by importing a List of Keywords & Domains, selecting the targeted Search Engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) along with the appropriate Language Version (.co.uk, .com, .fr etc).

View Demo: PDFCSV/Excel

New Website Features – Usability comes First

In next Version you will not find only a new SEO Toolbox but also a brand new design with several must-have features. Here are some of them:

  • WebSEO members are able to export the reports in PDF and CSV/Excel format.
  • Captchas have been removed to make the website more user-friendly.
  • The site is lighter, it loads faster and it has more interactive design.
  • Members have the option to stay logged in by storing their credentials in cookies.
  • A new Blog template has been created.


Below you will find some screenshots of the new site. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

Web SEO Analytics Homepage

Web SEO Analytics Homepage

SEO Tools Page

SEO Toolbox

New Blog

New Blog

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