6 basics don’ts when writing press releases

SEO CopywritingAs you may already know, when written the right way, a press release is one of the most efficient ways to promote your online business (see the article “The importance of Press Releases in Online Marketing Campaigns” ).

It appears to be a win-win situation, both for you and for the publishers; indeed, by adding in your press release links to your website, not only it will considerably increase your website traffic, but will be published on multiple directories & websites. On the other hand, publishers will have free quality content to publish.

However, there is a specific way with specific rules to write a press release, and if you don’t pay attention, it can easily be rejected by the publishers, or it won’t increase your website’s traffic. Find below some basic tips on what to avoid when writing press releases and make sure your press release will be successful!

1. Do not write an advertising press release

Do not write a press release that “sells” a product or a service. The chances to get published are null, as publishers look for a content that provides information and attracts the readers. For example, you could write about one of your products or services` specific benefit or information.

2. Do not write on an unsubstantial subject

If the information you provide on your press release in not interesting news or tips, the readers won’t be interested either.

3. Do not use odd language

Avoid exaggerations and embellishments and stick to the facts; Use only simple but professional and intriguing terms to catch the readers` interest.

4. Do not speak directly to your target audience

It will make your press release look more like an advertisement.

5. Do not write a press release with grammar & syntax mistakes

Not only the publishers won`t bother correcting your mistakes, but it will also have a negative impact on your press release quality and credibility.

6. Do not write more than needed

Keep your reader`s attention by writing a short, concise and powerful message.

As long as your respect those basics do not guidelines, your will be able to efficiently reach your target audience and increase your traffic through a successful press release!

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