6 steps to write a well-structured press release

seo web hostingIn previous articles useful tips were provided on how to write a successful press release. In this blog post we will find out how to ensure that our press releases have the appropriate format.

The information that is included in your press release must be structured as a news article; short, interesting and easy-to-read.

It should be pointed out that usually the information of your press release should be presented starting from the most important elements to the least significant.

Here are some steps to create a correct structure for your press release:

1. Attractive Headline

Write an attractive headline which communicates the core message of your press release. Use action verbs in the present tense and relevant keywords.

2. Text Summary

Under the headline, write a summary text with one or two key sentences.

3. Key Elements

Create the body of the press release and ensure that your key elements are written in the beginning of the text so as to attract the readers’ attention. Don’t forget that journalists are usually very busy and in a rush when they receive it.

4. Contact Information

Write the name and the contact information of your company at the end of your press release, so that media can easily find that information if needed.

5. Use standard fonts

Use fonts universally accepted and avoid the use of bold, italic or colored fonts. In this way your press release remains readable from various computer platforms.

6. Post it online

When your press release is completed, don’t forget to post it on your website(s) so that search engines can easily pick it up.

Don`t forget to optimize your texts, review the grammar & orthography and send your press release to all available free submission directories!

Good luck et à bientôt!

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  • Brent Rangen

    There is much more to it than a headline and a few key points. Following a universal format is one thing but the real trick is selecting the best service at your price point.

    Walking everyone through what to do once your PR is done is something not everyone talks about. You must pick cities to syndicate too, videos, rss, social media, and then which free sites are the best to submit to after you have paid and completed on PRWeb, 1888PR, or any of the hundreds of other PR sites/services.

  • G Manendra

    Nice suggestions thanks for these wonderful tips i haven’t followed some of these from i’ll follow them. Once again thank Q :)

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    Hello Tina. Your tips were totally true and concise. Press release do help a lot and it is one of the best way to deliver stories and data information in to different media. Thanks for the time you and for the thoughts you shared.

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    A well-written and well-structured press release can help your company do just that. The steps below will help you become an expert


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