The Easter Eggs & The Easter PageRank Update

Returning from Easter holidays the SEOs found a surprise: Google has once again updated the Toolbar PageRank values. For those of you who regularly check out the Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube this is actually not a big surprise. Matt Cutts has mentioned in the video "State of the Index 2009" (22:45) that gen... read more ››

10 Tips for Optimizing your YouTube Videos

Today YouTube is more than just a website to upload your videos. It represents an extremely popular video search engine, an online community and a powerful marketing tool for every business promotional campaign. YouTube offers marketers the chance to develop great inbound traffic to their business websites, since an inter... read more ››

A sneaky look at the SEO Labs & the New SEO Tools

As you already know Web SEO Analytics has recently released a new SEO Toolbox for beta testing. The new SEO tools will be released to the public in the middle of April and as you expect, they will be available to all of you for Free. So far, the Beta users that have been invited to participate to the tests have sent us gre... read more ››

New Web SEO Analytics Tools – Beta

During the last weeks we have been working on the new version of our SEO Toolbox. Today (15 March 2010) we launched a Beta Testing period of the Toolbox that will last 1 month. The new tools are located at Web SEO Analytics Labs and you will need a Beta Key to access them. Many of you have already received Beta Keys and th... read more ››

The 10 commandments of Video Marketing

Internet users’ search for online video content is growing exponentially. Indeed, people are usually attracted by videos and are more likely to remember and refer to a video than to any other form of advertisement. Additionally they consider them as a more reliable source of information. Video marketing is still over... read more ››
The best practices and the abandoned SEO techniques

The best practices and the abandoned SEO techniques

In the SEO world one thing is certain: the “best practices” come and go. Due to excessive spamming or because of the appearance of new technologies and methods, these practices are abandoned. Most of the techniques in SEO are based on the following principals: Spiders are stupid: Help them parse your site. Use the ... read more ››

7 Tips on how to write optimized webpage titles

The HTML Title is the text within <title> tag that can be found on the head of the HTML code. As it is the key element that appears in search results, your web pages’ titles are very important for your SEO strategy for two main reasons: Title relevancy is taken into account by the algorithms of Search Engines. Go... read more ››

7 must-have for SEO friendly hosting services

In the Search Engine Optimization world many SEO professionals tend to focus on the onpage optimization or on the backlink hunting and they forget how important the hosting services are. Surely good hosting services will not boost your rankings, but it is certain that if you do not choose carefully you can get into serious... read more ››

Build effective landing pages to Increase conversion rates

Conversion Rates and Landing Pages From the internet user’s side, a landing page is the one displayed as a result of a search or just a click on a link, either from a SERP as an organic result or a paid one (banner, text ad, video ad) or even a link in a direct mail. From the website owner’s side, a landing page is th... read more ››

The 8 ways to lower your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a percentage that shows the number of visitors that leave a site directly from the page they entered, without viewing other pages of the website. Usually having high percentage leads to low conversion rates. You can check the Bounce Rate of your site in your Google Analytics account under the "Content Overvi... read more ››

The 5 basic rules of SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is a writing technique used for producing readable and persuasive website content. With this technique we produce quality texts for the visitors of the website and at the same time, we target to specific search terms in order to rank highly in the search engine results. Finding the perfect balance between h... read more ››

8 Ways to increase the Relative Traffic of your site

Do you still have in mind the reason of your website’s existence? High volume of traffic is not the key, if the user bounces, your website has probably failed. Driving relative traffic to your site is vital for your Business. Have in mind that only 0.5% to 8% of the traffic is converted in to sale. The average is around... read more ››
PageRank Sculpting: You can still use rel=nofollow

PageRank Sculpting: You can still use rel=nofollow

Some months ago Google changed the way that treats the nofollowed links. This new policy causes massive problems to all the sites that use the nofollow attribute as it affects the way that PageRank flows in the site and it could lead to PR loss. WebSEOAnalytics has developed a free script that allows you not only to do Pag... read more ››

The PageRank sculpting techniques and the nofollow issue

On 15 June 2009, one of the most important changes occurred in the SEO field. Matt Cutts (head of Google`s Webspam team) announced that Google no longer treats nofollowed links (<a rel="nofollow" href=`…`>) in the same way. In this article we will explain what PageRank Sculpting is and what changed in Google`s Algo... read more ››

Internal Anchor links appear in Google Results

Very Recently, Google published a blog post about Rich Snippets and their impact to Google results. Additionally, on August the 19th, Matt Cutts affirmed, in a Webmaster video, that Google is going to use rich snippets more and more frequently. A new interesting feature is that Google started inserting links in the Rich Sn... read more ››