Internal Anchor links appear in Google Results

Very Recently, Google published a blog post about Rich Snippets and their impact to Google results. Additionally, on August the 19th, Matt Cutts affirmed, in a Webmaster video, that Google is going to use rich snippets more and more frequently.

A new interesting feature is that Google started inserting links in the Rich Snippets. Mainly you can see internal anchor links inside the description of the search results.

 You can spot such an example by searching for `internal anchor` on

 Google Results internal-anchors

 This new feature raises many questions:

  • Are those links only affected by the anchor text of the link?
  • Do they take into consideration the name of the anchor (#thename)?
  • Is PageRank algorithm affected?

If we try to answer to those questions by examining only few examples, we can deduct that they are mainly affected by the anchor text, the context and less by the anchor’s name. PageRank algorithm is probably not affected, but we cannot be 100% affirmative about it.

We will conduct more research about the issue and when we have the results we will write a new blog post.


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