Build effective landing pages to Increase conversion rates

Conversion Rates and Landing Pages

From the internet user’s side, a landing page is the one displayed as a result of a search or just a click on a link, either from a SERP as an organic result or a paid one (banner, text ad, video ad) or even a link in a direct mail.

From the website owner’s side, a landing page is the vehicle to drive the visitors through a conversion path to the reach the desirable goal. Optimizing your landing page is as important as your online presence, creating conversion paths with a nice eye tracking design and a clear call for action message; you will turn your website traffic into conversions.

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First things first! Define your Objectives

A simple thing you must consider before creating a landing page or even better, before creating your website, is to clearly define your objectives; your goal is the conversion variable. You decide whether it will be a sale, a newsletter submission, a comment for your blog etc. Being absolutely specific is a matter of high importance for your online strategy plan.

Turning traffic into sales

So, now that you have defined your primary goal, you have the channel and the proper media (images, videos etc), the next step is to use them in order to achieve your goal in the most effective way. Think that you have one shot to get the conversion you need in one single page. Take advantage of this shot in your landing page. Simply by placing your message in the middle of the page, highlighting your value proposition and communicating a call for action. Use attractive images, an effective copy hook and drive your traffic into conversions. Note to repeat the call for action message for better results. All your pages must be designed as landing pages; it is important to follow the strategy plan using every single page. Remember to stay in your primary objectives and give the chance to the users to do the right thing in the right way.

Experiments will enhance your effectiveness. Try to test different variations in your messages, change details in headlines try different buttons, colors, and shapes but keep in mind that the page must have a logical flow from the top to the end.

More about PPC campaigns coming next.


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