WuzzRank Calculator

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Check out the WuzzRank of your Webpages

The WuzzRank Calculator will enable you to find the WuzzRank values of a list of URLs and see how popular your pages are on Social Media.

The WuzzRank is a special rank that measures the popularity of a particular web page or article on the various Social Media Websites using a logarithmic scale from 0-10. The word Wuzz comes from the words Web + Buzz. The WuzzRank is the PageRank equivalent for Social Media Reputation. Learn more about WuzzRank.

Having a high WuzzRank indicates that your website or page is highly appealing to social media users. The Social Media Buzz is used as a Ranking Signal from the Major Search Engines and as a result it affects the SEO and the Rankings.

Optimize your campaigns by keeping track of the WuzzRank of your URLs and discover which and how they perform then fine tune your social media strategy! Furthermore this tool will help you identify what type of content receives more mentions by the social media users.

WuzzRank Calculator

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