Facebook Ads: The “Must-Have” List


According to Social Media Today, 91% of social marketers saw improved website traffic due to social media campaigns. Companies should design flexible and well-contemplated campaigns that can adapt to a dynamic and constantly changing social media landscape. WSA present you the check-list to keep in mind before the design of campaign.

Defined Cost and objectives

Estimate Cost-Per-Fan or Cost-Per-Engagement according to your final target so that you can measure campaign success effectively.

Specific Targeted Ads

Create targeted ads delivered to relevant audiences according certain criteria including demographic data and interests.

Full Exploitation of Image & Space

Use the full space to add an image relevant to target audience having in mind the WOW factor when selecting it.

social media ads

Benefit-oriented Headline

Emphasize on an eye-catching striking headline that promotes the main advantage user will benefit of and make them feel special if they take advantage of.

Compelling Body Copy

Suggest an original exclusive offer –without grammar misspelling- while delivering exactly what you suggest (explicitly explained in landing page) and mind to avoid references to certain attributes like age or gender identity.

Full knowledge of specific guidelines

Consider Facebook restrictions about products like software, alcohol or pharmaceuticals.

Social action instead of purchase

Request to like or share or direct your target audience to a landing page using advertising in the Facebook context and not suggesting directly for a purchase.

Finally, view your campaign in Facebook platform as an ongoing process and mind to always check campaign metrics to adjust campaign and maximize the ROI (return on investment)
Good luck!


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