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Crawl, Extract and Analyze All your Pages

The power of Web SEO Analysis breaks down all SEO Factors for ALL pages of a website

This advanced tool produces a Full SEO Report for all the pages of a given domain, analyzing the most important Search Engine Optimization factors and ranking signals that are used by the major search engines and offers detailed data. This enables SEO professionals, Online Marketers and Webmasters to have a summary of essential data.

The Web SEO Analytics Spider is divided in 3 main categories: Overview, List View and Website Analysis including Domain Scores and Rankings, Authority, Social Media Popularity, Link Statistics and all the important metrics similar to Web SEO Analysis Report.

WSA Spider delivers data of an in depth Analysis of a website, empowering Search Engine Optimizers to overview the SEO status at a glance, to evaluate and measure the current SEO situation and to take efficient decisions.

WSA Spider

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