Keyword Analyzer

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Optimize your Page, extract the Keywords, calculate their KeywordRank

Use the Keyword Analyzer to optimize the texts of your website and achieve high Rankings on Search Results.

The Keyword Analyzer is an innovative SEO Tool, developed by Web SEO Analytics, that enables you to:

  • Analyze the content & the HTML tags of a page
  • Extract the Keywords, Titles, Metatags, HTML Headers and other parts of the document
  • Calculate the Relevance percentage based on the content of the page
  • Check the Text Optimization of the document for all the Keyword Combinations and evaluate their KeywordRank

This analysis will successfully generate an extensive listing of all identified keywords and keyword phrases and calculates for each term the following elements:

  • The KeywordRank which shows how optimized the page is for the particular term
  • The number of Occurrences
  • The Keyword Density
  • The possible Keyword Stuffing flag, which shows whether a keyword is overoptimized raising a spam signal

Keyword Analyzer

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