Keyword Research

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The Keyword Research tool is a tool developed especially for SEO Copywriters that want to increase the search engine traffic by optimizing their pages, articles and blog posts with the correct terms. This tool simplifies the time consuming task of keyword research providing a list of relevant and popular terms that are related to a particular query.

The tool provides detailed statistics about the Relevance, the Keyword Popularity, the number of Search Results and the Search Volume of each term.

The Keyword Research tool assists in the optimization, and quickening one of the most vitally important aspects of SEO - finding and focusing on the keywords that will drive more traffic.

Keyword Research

Combining the Keyword Research with other SEO Tools

By combining the Keyword Research and Keyword Difficulty tools you will be able not only to find all the popular Keywords related to a particular topic but also distinguish the keywords that you are more likely to achieve High Rankings in Search Engine Results.

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