Keyword Difficulty

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Find out how difficult it is to achieve High Rankings for a list of Keywords

The Keyword Difficulty tool links the vital SEO tasks of Keyword Research and Competition Analysis. The next step after finalizing the list of Keywords that you want to use in order to optimize your site is evaluating the likeliness of achieving good rankings for each keyword. This task is extremely time-consuming since it requires you to evaluate all the SEO campaigns of your competitors.

This tool is designed to speed up the process by screening the Keyword List and excluding the terms that you will not achieve top page positioning. It will help you select the terms for which you have a good chance to rank and give you information in which of the submitted pages is the strongest and thus more likely to achieve good rankings.

The Keyword Difficulty tool will evaluate at-a-glance the intensity of the competition and it will give you insights on how to structure your SEO campaign.

Keyword Difficulty

Combining the Keyword Difficulty tool with other SEO Tools

After screening the initial Keyword List with the help of Keyword Difficulty, you should use the SERP Analysis tool to get a detailed view of the competition and come up with a plan on how to optimize your Website.

Additionally by combining the Keyword Research and Keyword Difficulty tools you will be able not only to find all the popular Keywords that are related to a particular topic but also to distinguish the keywords that you are more likely to achieve High Rankings in Search Engine Results.

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