Keyword Battle

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Check your website's rankings for a keywords list

The Keyword Battle allows you to check your Search Engine Rankings and compare them with your Competitors.

This Keyword Ranking Checker is powerful SEO tool that helps you monitor the changes on the Rankings of your website. Select the list of keywords that you are aiming at and the websites you would like to oppose. You will be able to discover immediately if the websites rank for those keywords in the major Search Engines: Google and Bing. Additionally this clever tool enables you to check the position of your competitors and compare their results with yours.

A major advantage of the tool is that you do not have to specify the exact URL of the page since Web SEO Analytics algorithms will automatically identify the domain name and project all the results that are found.

The second very positive asset of this tool is the fact that it allows you to select the exact version of the search engine in the country of your choice, providing targeted results.

Keyword Battle

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