Duplicate Content

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Compare 2 URLs to eliminate duplicate content

Use the Duplicate Content tool to compare two URLs and find how similar they are.

This tool displays the similarity of the two submitted pages, giving you the possibility to correct your content accordingly and develop specific text, keeping out of any duplication risk. Additionally the Duplicate Content Tool can be used to check if your resellers, partners or competitors are grabbing or reusing your original content.

Duplicate Content & SEO

Duplicate Content is a major problem for all types of websites and especially for Online Stores. Several case-studies showed that Search Engines tend to remove pages presenting a high percentage of Duplicate content. To avoid being excluded from Google's & Bing's organic listings, you will need to be extremely vigilant with the duplication of content within your web pages.

Duplicate Content

Thus by using this SEO Tool and by trying to keep your Duplicate Content percentage as low as possible, you can eliminate the Duplicate Content issues.

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