Backlink Analysis

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Analyze the Backlinks of your Website

This Backlink Analyzer is a very powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

The Backlink Analysis Tool allows you to analyze the incoming links of a particular page, evaluate the link quality, analyze the Link Building Strategy of your competitors and improve your Rankings.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis Report & Statistics

Use this Backlink Analyzer to scan the links of a specific page and get the important statistics in Pie Charts & Graphs. The Report will provide you with useful information regarding:

  • The Incoming Links of the Page
  • The PageRank & WebzyRank values
  • The Domain Authority
  • Internal & External Links and Followed & No-Followed Links
  • Various Statistics about the Backlink Type & Link Quality

Detailed Anchor Text Analysis

Moreover, a complete Text Analysis is performed on the anchortext of the links in order to help you evaluate your current Link Building strategy and find out for which keywords you are more likely to achieve high rankings.

Finally, the tool provides a full analysis of the backlinks including:

  • The Anchor Text of the Links
  • The No-follow Status
  • The OBL number of each link

In SEO both the quality and the quantity of incoming links affect the Search Engine Rankings. Thus analyzing the link building strategy of your competitors can help you evaluate the competition, optimize your website and increase your traffic. This tool has been updated in order to give you better and more accurate Backlink Analysis Reports.

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