API Technical Details

What is the WSA API?

The WSA API is a special service that allows you to access our SEO Tools from your software, web service or website, manage and create new reports, export the results in XML & JSON (BETA) format, combine the SEO Tools & develop your own tools and offer branded SEO reports to your clients.

How to use it?

In order to use the service you need to have an active Premium Plan subscription and write a program that implements the API. The API can be used by software engineers that have basic programming skills, nevertheless if you are not a programmer, you can still use the service.

In the table below you will find a fully implemented example that uses our service. All you need to do is to configure it properly and modify the designs of the templates in order to create your branded reports. Read the API Reference Guide to find more on how to configure the code samples and how to use them.

Updates on the WSA API 1.21v

The new 1.21 Version of the toolbox focuses on improving the speed of the service. Minor algorithmic updates are also included in this version changing slightly the way that WebzyRank and WuzzRank are calculated. Finally due to the close down of a 3rd party service that powered up the Aged Domain Finder few of the filters of the tool were removed (filter by AlexaRank, PageRank and Age in Years). The new version 1.21 is backwards compatible with version 1.20 and as a result it replaced the previous API version. This means that all the API users that used the 1.20 version will now automatically access the 1.21v without updating their API clients.

Updates on the WSA API 1.20v

The 1.20 Version of the toolbox introduces new SEO Tools, additional features and new metrics that come directly from WSA Index. It also focuses on removing deprecated metrics such as GoogleBuzz and on increasing significantly the accuracy & the speed of the toolbox. Moreover the new API introduces the “viewLimits”Action which allows you to check the number of executed reports of a particular tool with a specific Subscription. Finally the “%” character has been removed from all the metrics that contain percentages.

Due to the removal of the GoogleBuzz, the 1.20 version is not backward compatible with 1.10 or earlier. Even though backward compatibility could not be maintained, upgrading from version 1.10 to 1.20 can be done with minimal effort since only the GoogleBuzz field no longer exists in the reports. One should note that the new API version uses a completely new SEO Engine and thus it is highly recommended to upgrade your API implementation as soon as possible to continue receiving accurate results.

Kindly note that no support or updates will be provided for the versions 1.0x of the API, however it will remain active until the 31st of July 2012. The API users are strongly advised to upgrade their API clients as soon as possible to ensure that their implementations will remain fully functional.

Technical Information

Our Web Service uses "REST-Like" RPC-style operations over HTTP POST requests with parameters URL encoded into the request. The response of the web service is encoded in XML or JSON (BETA). The WSA API was designed to be easy to use and it can be implemented by any computer language that allows creating web requests. In this area you are able to download sample code (API clients) in different computer languages. Use the sample code as a starting point for developing your own application. Make sure you download and read the API Reference Guide (API documentation) before you start the implementation.

Download Sample Codes

At the moment we offer the sample code in PHP and C# .NET. Nevertheless if you prefer to code in a different language you will be able to develop your own code by checking the API Reference Guide.

Filename Description Language Version
APIclient_PHP_1.21.zip Basic PHP Client that allows you to connect on the Web Service. PHP (4 & 5 compatible) 1.21
APIexamples_PHP_1.21.zip PHP Client and full example of implementation. PHP (5 compatible) 1.21
APIclient_Csharp_1.21.zip Basic C# Client that allows you to connect on the Web Service. C# .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) 1.21

Configure Sample Code

Before you test the API client make sure you configure it properly by placing your User ID & API Key in the code of the scripts. Have in mind that both the viewReport and the deleteReport Actions require a valid reportID, so make sure you replace the "REPORT_ID" before you perform the tests. Finally for the Actions viewReport, deleteReport, viewList and newReport you need to replace the "YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID" with a valid Premium Plan subscription ID.

In case you export the result in JSON (BETA) and you want to use a Callback Function to wrap the response, make sure you comment-out the appropriate line in the code and replace the "YOUR_JSON_FUNCTION" with a valid function name.

Help Center

If you have questions concerning the use of the WSA API please make sure you read the API Documentation, the WSA Help Center and the FAQ.