Social Media Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn

This week the free Online Marketing Lesson of StayOnSearch is about Social Media. The course starts by explaining why Social Media networks have been heavily evolved the last few years and afterwards it focuses on the most popular social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn) that can be used in order to increase the brand awareness of your company and the traffic of your website.

In the first part of the lesson, the author focuses on Facebook. He explains the difference between fan pages and personal profiles and he gives a list of useful tips on how to optimize them and increase our exposure (use Custom URLs & Usernames, using appropriate images, working on your information box, creating welcome tabs, etc). Finally at the end of this part we can find useful tips on how to increase our connections (use Facebook Search, participate on Q&A, add your Facebook profile in email signatures, website etc) and on how to build good relationships on Facebook.

The second part is about YouTube. The author briefly explains that creating and optimizing your videos can help you drive a significant amount of traffic on your website and can help you achieve high rankings on SERPs. Additionally in this lesson, we can find useful info on how to customize our YouTube profile & Channel in order to increase our channel subscribers (use custom images, add our profile URL in our site, stay active, contact other users of our niche etc). Finally in the last segment of this part, the author focuses on how to build strong relationships on YouTube.

The third part is about optimizing your Twitter profile (use background designs, optimize your bio description, your profile picture, etc). Then we get a list of various services and directories where we can find other twitter users of similar interests. Finally the author elaborates on how to communicate effectively on twitter and how to manage your relationships.


The forth part focuses on LinkedIn. After providing a brief description for this professional social network, the author describes how you can fine tune your profile (how to write your profile information, add your websites, customize the public settings, use custom URLs etc). At the end of this part, he describes how to increase and manage your connections and how to maintain your online relationships.

The last part of the course describes how you can use Social Media as tools in order to learn more about our niche/industry. The ebook suggests several tools that you can use in order to conduct keyword research (Social Media search engines, Twitter advances search and other tools). Then it describes how you can conduct competitor research and how to analyze the social media campaigns of your competitors.

If you are new user of Social Media Networks or if you want to learn how to optimize your profiles and how to increase your exposure, your brand awareness and your website traffic, we strongly recommend you to read this lesson and to sign up for the free 10-week course.

Additional Resources

In our blog you can find lots of interesting articles on Social Media that can help you learn how to design, implement and optimize your Social Media Campaigns. Here are few posts that we highly recommend you to read:

The SEO Tools that you must use

As described in the above articles it is very important to monitor closely your social media campaigns and analyze the profiles of your competitors. A good tool to check if a particular page is popular on social media is the Reputation Tracker Tool. With the help of this tool you will be able to find the number of bookmarks of a particular page in Delicious, Stumbleupon and Digg. Additionally you will be able to see the recent posts about your site on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.


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