The Paid Search and the use of PPC Strategies

ppc-adsThe third lesson of the free 10-week Internet Marketing course of StayOnSearch, focuses on Paid Search and it discusses the use of Pay-Per-Click Strategies in order to Drive Relevant Traffic to a website. The course starts with the basics, analyzing how a PPC account is structured and what are the main parts (Account, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, etc).

Then the ebook describes how to create effective advertisements and it compares one successful and one less successful PPC ad. Later in the course the author discusses the importance of Ad Targeting and he mentions the various tools and techniques that are used (Geo-Targeting, Negative Keywords, Match Type, Pay Parting, A/B Split Test Ads, Bidding etc). Thereafter the lesson describes what Google Quality Score is and it analyzes some of the main factors that are taken into consideration (Click through rate, Keyword Relevancy, Account Historical Performance, Ad Copy, Destination Landing Page Quality, Landing Page Load Time etc).

Finally the ebook closes by describing the importance of creating effective landing pages for the Advertisements and of using call to action messages to increase your conversion rates. We believe that this lesson is very important for those of you who are interesting on launching PPC campaigns, so we strongly recommend to signing up for the free 10-week course.

Additional Resources

In the past we have published on our blog lots of interesting PPC & Online Marketing articles that can help you create successful ad campaigns and build effective landing pages:


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