Internet Advertising: Run Long or Short Term Campaigns?

pay-per-click-ppcThis week, we are focusing on the strategic part of the ppc campaigns as a form of internet advertising. The decision making related to the duration of the internet advertising can vary depending on different factors linked to the objectives and the circumstances. On this post we will put forward some of them to assist the internet marketer on the planning process.

Similar to traditional advertising, PPC campaigns require strategic planning. In both digital and traditional media, the objectives and the costs of advertising variations depend on the season, the competition, the media itself etc. As a part of the strategic planning, the marketers have to decide whether to run long term or short term campaigns.

Both models work well to serve specific goals. In any case, it is very important to define your business objectives and have a clear view of your market and competitors.

When Should I Run Long Term Campaigns?

  1. When the objective is not to increase but to maintain the brand awareness with a low frequency of impressions (ad views).
  2. When the objective is to maintain the market share.
  3. When you are planning to run more than one campaigns within a year.
  4. When the product or service competition is low.
  5. When the product sales have a stable repeat rate. (for example the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG))
  6. When the subject of advertising is well established.

Tip: Save a part of the budget for eventual opportunities to easily switch from long to short term campaigns.

When Should I Run Short Term Campaigns?

  1. When launching or re-launching a new campaign, product or service
  2. When the objective is to increase market share
  3. When the product or the service is highly effected by the season or other trends (ie hotels)
  4. When the objective is to create a burst with a high frequency of impressions
  5. When the competition is high

Tip: Have you ever thought of using a short term campaign for communication crisis management? Google will serve the popular news around your brand. It would be nice for your response to be visible.


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