The new Professional SEO Toolbox is released!

WSA-blogpost-May2011_hugeCheck out the 4 new & 8 upgraded SEO Tools and the brand new WSA directory!

Almost 4 months after the previous release, our team is proud to announce the launch of the next version of Web SEO Analytics toolbox and the brand-new WSA Directory.

The new Professional Toolbox

The next Generation of the Toolbox that now includes new professional SEO Tools and a powerful upgraded API, offers a complete solution for all the key steps of developing a successful Online Marketing campaign. From Diagnostics to Planning and from Execution to Monitoring, the upgraded PRO Pack offers one of the most complete solutions on the Market.

By making all the required additions and updates our Toolbox has evolved and now covers exactly the needs of both Online Marketers and Webmasters. The main focus of the toolbox is to help Web Professionals and site owners to Analyze their current campaigns, Strategize & adopt a winning action plan and Monetize their traffic by improving their Conversion Rates, by increasing their Online Sales and by offering better services to their clients.

The 4 new tools that have been added in the toolbox are:

1. Keyword Research:

This is a tool developed especially for SEO Copywriters that want to increase their search engine traffic by optimizing their pages, articles and blog posts with the right terms. This tool simplifies the time consuming task of keyword research providing a list of relevant and popular terms that are related to a particular query along with all of their statistics such as the Relevance, the Keyword Popularity, the number of Search Results and the Search Volume.

Keyword Research

2. Keyword Difficulty:

This tool is designed to link the vital SEO tasks of Keyword Research and Competition Analysis and to speed up the Keyword selection process by screening the Keyword List and by excluding the terms for which we can not achieve first page positioning. The Keyword Difficulty tool will help you select the terms for which you have a good chance to rank and give you information about which of the submitted pages is the strongest and thus more likely to achieve good rankings.

Keyword Difficulty

3. Aged Domain Finder:

The Aged Domain Finder is a great tool for Domainers that want to find quickly and easily thousands of expiring and on sale domains. This tool allows you to efficiently and quickly search through a large Database of Aged Domains and find all available domains that match your search criteria.

Aged Domain Finder

4. WuzzRank Calculator:

The WuzzRank Calculator will enable you to find the WuzzRank values of a list of URLs and see how popular your pages are on Social Media. Note that the WuzzRank is a special rank that measures the popularity of a particular page or article on the various Social Media and it uses a logarithmic scale from 0-10.

Moreover 8 tools of our Toolbox have been upgraded and they have been enhanced with new features and metrics:

  1. SERP Analysis
  2. Domain Battle
  3. Blog Analyzer
  4. Backlink Analysis
  5. Backlink Hunter
  6. Web SEO Analysis
  7. Link Popularity
  8. Domain Info

Check out the new SEO Toolbox of Web SEO Analytics.

The WSA Directory

In this release our team has worked hard not only to improve the quality of our toolbox and to launch new innovative tools, but also to release a brand-new innovative Service. More than 10 million websites have been indexed in order to form the new WSA Directory. By offering the ability to browse through a huge databse of Websites that were analyzed, evaluated and categorized by type, theme and targeted keywords, the WSA Directory will become a valuable tool for Online Marketers and it will speed up the process of Link Building, discovering potential affiliates and evaluating the competition in specific industries.

Browse the new WSA Directory.

New partnerships

Web SEO Analytics is delighted to announce that we have partnered with two very important Web companies: MajesticSEO and DomainFace. The valuable backlink statistics of MajesticSEO have been incorporated in most of our tools and now we are able to provide new and more accurate backlink information. Moreover in this version we use the valuable services of DomainFace to power up an innovative new tool that targets on covering the needs of Domainers and on enabling them to discover quickly & easily the Aged Domains that match their search criteria.


Other Important Updates


As you know WuzzRank is a web metric that was launched on the previous Release and it measures the Social Media Popularity of a page. In this new version we have made an important Algorithmic Update that targeted on improving the quality of the metric and on detecting low quality buzz. Moreover we have released a new Widget that allows you to add the WuzzRank counter on your website or blog. The widget has already been used extensively by a large number of Bloggers and by Online Communities such as and the feedback of the users was very positive.

Add now the WuzzRank Widget on your website/blog.

WSA API 1.02v:

In order to provide access to the new SEO Tools and features, Web SEO Analytics has replaced the previous API (1.01v) with a new one (1.02v). Our team has ensured that the new API is more powerful and at the same time backward compatible with the previous versions. The old API has been deprecated and the new version is already available. Note that even if updating your API Client is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Find the new API documentation & sample code and read more about this update on the new API page.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the service have been updated, so before you use any of our services, please make sure you read and accept the new terms.

Note that for a limited period of time all the members of Web SEO Analytics will be able to access the new SEO Tools and create Demo Reports, so make sure you Register Now. We are looking forward to your feedback, tweets, messages and blog reviews concerning our new SEO Toolbox!


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