How to develop an effective Link Building Campaign

link-building-lessonOn the 6th week of the free online Marketing Lesson of StayOnSearch, we read about the basic concepts of Link Building. The course starts by explaining the process and the importance of Link Building. Then it focuses on the characteristics of a well designed link building campaign (Link Velocity, IP Diversity etc) and on the quality of the links want to find (Link Popularity, Topical Relevance etc).

Later in the course the author explains why creating quality content is the best link source, what link bait is and how you can create attractive content in order to increase the number of your backlinks. Finally the ebook describes few methods that can help you increase the traffic and the number of your backlinks such us Blog Commending, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, Article Submissions etc.

The course describes the main principles of Link Building sufficiently and thus we recommend you to sign up for the free course, if you have not done this already.

Additional Resources

On the past we have published on our blog articles about how to increase your traffic and links, how to build effective Link Building campaigns and what are the most important mistakes that you have to avoid. If you want to read more on how to create quality backlinks, increase your website traffic and develop successful Link Building campaigns we strongly recommend reading the following articles:

The SEO Tools that you must use

As described in the above articles one of the most important part of Link Building is to analyze the campaigns of your competitors and to understand what quality, quantity and type of backlinks you need to acquire in order to get higher rankings.


A great tool to do this is the Backlink Analysis Tool. The Backlink Analyzer is a valuable tool that helps you analyze the link building strategy of your website and of your competitors. This information can help you determine on which keywords you should focus, what is the quality of your incoming links, for which keywords you are more likely to achieve high Rankings on Search Engines and what are the link building campaigns of your competitors.


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