Yahoo keeps Site Explorer’s View Backlinks feature


Today we received some great news for the SEO community. As we all know the Yahoo and Bing alliance led to several changes for the Yahoo Search Engine. Yahoo recently announced that BOSS V1 will be discontinued and a new paid API will be launched (BOSS V2) for Yahoo Search. Even if this new low cost API (0.4 – 0.75$ CPM) can be considered good news for companies that already use the free version, it is still uncertain whether the new API will give access to certain features such as structured data, Key Terms, Delicious data, and the Site Explorer Service.

The future of Site Explorer

At the same time, the future of an other great service, the Yahoo Site Explorer, was uncertain due to the announcement that it’s API will be discontinued on December.


On August 21st, Mr Hemant Minocha, the Product Manager of Site Explorer, announced that users will continue to be able to view inlinks (backlinks) from Site Explorer.

“You will continue to be able to Explore URLs, and view inlinks (backlinks). However, if you are using the Webservices API, please note that by end of this year, we will no longer offer the site explorer web services API.” – Hemant Minocha Product Manager, Site Explorer, Yahoo! Search

Even if this was good news for the Online Marketers, it was not certain whether the export to CSV feature would be maintained. Today Mr Minocha announced that Yahoo Site Explorer will continue providing the backlinks for a given webpage and that they plan to keep the export to CSV feature:

We are working with the Microsoft team to ensure that webmasters can continue to use Yahoo! Site Explorer to view inlinks (a.k.a backlinks) to a given webpage or a website and to further be able to export them as CSV if desired. Please note that this functionality will be available only through the Site Explorer UI and not through the Webservices API.” – Hemant Minocha Product Manager, Site Explorer, Yahoo! Search

Let’s hope that the Yahoo – Bing alliance will not only maintain the other good services of Yahoo, but also that they will provide additional useful products and statistics for online marketers.

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