The importance of Press Releases in Online Marketing Campaigns

In web search, one thing is certain; the decor is changing every day, as online visitors tend to elaborate their search and use more and more frequently online news sources.

Indeed, more and more people use Google or Yahoo News websites in order to read the latest news that interests them, not only regarding international social or political news, but for specific and more refined topics. Yahoo News has actually the largest online news audience worldwide.

By searching for a specific topic, numbers of press releases, optimized to be relevant to the topic, appear in the search engines from news sources.

Press Release Optimization

It is important to optimize your press releases for those major news search engines in order to efficiently promote your business, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add in your press release at least 3 relevant keywords according to your target audience. In this way users will be able to find the press release from the search engines.
  2. Add links in your press release pointing to your website’s correspondent content.
  3. Create a database of directories, news and press release submission websites according to your target audience. In this way you will be able to distribute them, keep a trace of your actions and publications.

If your press release has relevant keywords and links, the optimization’s benefits you can acquire from systematic press releases submission are considerable:

  • Higher ranking in news search engines
  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Increase your website’s visitors from news search engines
  • Increase your visitors’ database through your website’s newsletter or contact form
  • Increase your business visibility

So get your pen, write an optimized, clear and attractive press release and grab the opportunities that news search provides to reach your online audience!

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    The internet-savvy world has made online marketing one of the essential business and promotional strategies that companies can use to boost sales of the product and services. The popularity of Internet marketing and online business promotions is also due to the fact that web marketing has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of capturing both existing and potential customers.

  • Jim

    I know a guy who can help you with that Felicity. ;-)

    Thanks Tina.Good advice. I believe the best SEO copy writing combines both compelling writing (enticing headline, etc) and the proper use of SEO optimization such as key words, links and tightly composed meta descriptions.

  • Publicidad en Google

    congratulations, after reading this article, we can conclude that the press releases are an excellent business tool.

  • Courtney

    Whenever I suggest press releases for my writing clients, they are initially hesitant, thinking that press releases are something that are associated with traditional print publications. You’ve outlined some great ways to make press releases SEO friendly so you can get better results.

  • Press Release Services

    press releases in online marketing campaigns is bery important . it would be beneficial for online marketing

  • Christelle

    Nice article. I think that press releases are a good thing to have to improve your SEO results.

    But I also think it is only one part of all the a-marketing efforts that can make your company be on the top ranks.

  • Title

    First of all this article is very good and Press releases is big part for a company and websites
    Press releases are terrific way of garnering extensive website promotion. Basically, you write something newsworthy about your business, website, or product, and submit it to one of the press release distribution websites. Again, because there is such a demand for content, it’s likely that your press release will be used in both online and traditional media.

  • Joels internet marketing consulting

    Nice tips here. I have been using press releases to get 1st page rankings for a few months now. I like using press releases in addition to normal SEO because Googles critria isn’t as strict for news items as it is for the normal organic listings.

  • Cairns internet marketing consultant

    I have found Webwire to be the best paid press release service I have used yet. By using some of the simple optimizing techniques you mentioned in the article it’s possible to get on the 1st page for any keyword. Even the most highly competitive.

    But do you know of any free press release sites that you can get similar results?

    I haven’t found any free sites that I’m satisfied with yet.


  • GraphicMail

    Great article, thanks. We’ve been publishing press releases regularly to assist in our SEO efforts, great optimization tips.

  • Seo Chicago

    Online press releases, combined with organic search engine optimization, are one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies.


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    It is not one specific marketing campaign or press release; rather,and engaging in online marketing initiatives by allowing consumers to customize


  • Search Engine Optimization Atlanta


    it is important to target successful keyword programs and specific affiliates by applying science to the process of selection.


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  • RaDiance Conseil

    alot has changed over the years it is not 2009 or 2010 where your press resleases could easily rank and stick on a postion in SERPS after recent panda update all of my links from Press Releases were either deleted or lost their value!

  • Cash For Silver

    i used to get lots of traffic from press releases but nowadays they barely stick for 2-3 days. ever since that algo update i have lost ranking and also generating 70% less leads.

  • SEO Services

    Press release is one of the best sources to get the people know about your genuine products and service. In terms of SEO it gives you good number of traffic and helps your site making visible to people.

  • Spark SEO

    Keyword density and uniqueness is all there is to Press releases. I do think though that press releases have lost some of their power after the algorithm updates.

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