The importance of Press Releases in Online Marketing Campaigns

In web search, one thing is certain; the decor is changing every day, as online visitors tend to elaborate their search and use more and more frequently online news sources.

Indeed, more and more people use Google or Yahoo News websites in order to read the latest news that interests them, not only regarding international social or political news, but for specific and more refined topics. Yahoo News has actually the largest online news audience worldwide.

By searching for a specific topic, numbers of press releases, optimized to be relevant to the topic, appear in the search engines from news sources.

Press Release Optimization

It is important to optimize your press releases for those major news search engines in order to efficiently promote your business, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add in your press release at least 3 relevant keywords according to your target audience. In this way users will be able to find the press release from the search engines.
  2. Add links in your press release pointing to your website’s correspondent content.
  3. Create a database of directories, news and press release submission websites according to your target audience. In this way you will be able to distribute them, keep a trace of your actions and publications.

If your press release has relevant keywords and links, the optimization’s benefits you can acquire from systematic press releases submission are considerable:

  • Higher ranking in news search engines
  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Increase your website’s visitors from news search engines
  • Increase your visitors’ database through your website’s newsletter or contact form
  • Increase your business visibility

So get your pen, write an optimized, clear and attractive press release and grab the opportunities that news search provides to reach your online audience!


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