Brand-new Google Toolbar PageRank Update – July 2011

pagerankupdateOn 18th of July, Google has updated once again the PageRank Toolbar values. We remind you that the previous update took place only 3 weeks ago, on 27th of June. From what we see, several websites were affected by this new update and many webmasters started to complain that their PageRank values dropped by 1 or 2 points.

If you want to check how your website was affected by the new update you can use our PageRank Check tool. Additionally we remind you that you can check the values from various Google Data Centers by using the Multi DC PageRank tool.

Why Google Updated the values so early?

As we discussed many times in the past, Google calculates the PageRank values constantly. Nevertheless they choose to publish the updates on the Toolbar only 3-4 times per year.

The new PageRank Toolbar values were calculated only few days after the previous update, that is between 12th and 15th of May.  As many of you noticed some of the PageRank values don’t make sense (high values on few fresh internal pages, dropped values on homepages etc) and thus one could expect that more minor changes are on the way.

I believe that 2 are the main reasons that lead to this early update: The first is the fact that received a PageRank 9 on the previous update and the second is that received a PageRank 0 due to technical issues (changes on the robots.txt and HTTP codes). The new update restored the PageRank 10 to Google’s Homepage and the PageRank 9 to Twitter’s Homepage. Last but not least we should note that Google has done early updates several times in the past, so this is not something that happens for the first time.

Did your website affected by the new Update? Did you spot any weird high values on internal pages? Leave your comment below!

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  • Alex

    Exactly what is happening at the moment (high values on few fresh internal pages, dropped values on homepages etc) and glad I found I’m not the only one experiencing that. Waiting to see what comes next…

  • SEO Liverpool

    Yes you are right Google has updated its algorithm recently to maintain the quality of posting, like articles posting, blog posting and like wise. Its aim is to fight against content farms (duplicate content website).I am not a content farmer so hopefully I will not have to worry.

    Thanks for sharing information on this topic. keep it up

  • johnnyle5

    This is great information, thank you! My PageRank has stayed the same. I have high hopes of improving PR with this wonderful software that you provide!

  • Rafael Apolinario

    Good resource of info, thanks for the heads up. I’m glad that the page rank of our company wasn’t affected. This is also the reason why it is needed to optimize the visibility in the best way possible and avoid doing blackhat methods. I’m sure those websites were greatly affected.

  • SEO Analyst

    One of my site received 1 page rank on 15 days old domain. it seems Google has changed its algorithms on page rank because that page has no links at all, however has few social shares.

  • Brad Chism

    Thank you for this post, useful information as I have always recieved mixed input about google PR updates. This site will get a bookmarking for future required info.

  • SEO Tech Marketing

    Getting a high Google PageRank is technically necessary for a website or blog. I see you have made it stand out in your post. :-)

  • Kelvin

    Thanks a lot dimitriszotos.Some of our page of website has also dropped its page rank and now i have come to know that it is due to the fact that google has changed its algorithm. I like your article as you have pointed out the effects
    of the google updates.

  • Online Directories Free

    After launching Google Panda, Google is doing its best to provide quality and relevant results to its users. That’s why Google update its pagerank after 3 weeks. Normally Google update its pagerank after 3 months.

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