New Google Toolbar PageRank Update – June 2011

pagerankupdateYesterday, the 27th of June, Google has updated the PageRank Toolbar values. This happens almost 5 months after the previous update which took place on January 20th. It seems that even after the Panda 2.2 Update, Google is not willing to give up on PageRank, despite the predictions of many SEOs.

In order to find out how your website is affected by the update you can use the PageRank Check tool. Moreover if you want to see the values from different Google Data Centers you can use the Multi DC PageRank tool.

What are the effects of PageRank Toolbar on SEO?

As we explain in the past the values that you see on PageRank Toolbar are usually old and thus they can not explain very well your current SEO results. More specifically the PageRank values that you see now on Google Toolbar have been calculated somewhere between the 11th and 12th of May.

Nevertheless as we discussed on the article “Is Google PageRank still important in Seach Engine Optimization?”, the PageRank Toolbar values, when they are relatively fresh, they can be a useful indicator of what is going on with your website. My belief is that one should neither ignore nor become obsessed with PageRank. For more information on this subject read the above article.

How were you affected by this PageRank update? Leave your comment below!

  • JennyLynn

    Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen much talk about this PR update and am curious to see how it impacted everyone. Thanks!

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  • agenziasg

    Be sicuramente google ritiene la sua importanza del pagerank per la valutazione di un sito due fattori pagerank e bancklinks.

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  • sudha

    I really hope Google will keep the PR update frequency. It is good for all, site owners have more ideas about how they should develop their sites and advertisers know which site will be suitable and credible enough for them. Do you have the same opinions with me?

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