Facebook Fan Pages: 7 Dos and 7 Don’ts for effective Community Development

As Facebook Fan Pages are considered a healthy starting point for social media engagement, more and more companies are searching for the best practices to adopt in order to build up the desired profile.

This week we share some Dos and Don`ts for your Fan Page community development focusing on the savoir vivre of this media.

7 DOs for Facebook Community Development

1. Focus on the Content

Upload images, videos, texts and other media types around your brand, focusing on the interests of the community you want to build.

2. Encourage Discussions

Try to engage users by asking and answering on various updates. People are more likely to interact to a human tone of voice instead of a cold corporate talking. Tip: Use @ before a user name to mention specific users –like twitter)

3. Setup Contests and games

Be creative! Motivate people to participate and add entertainment value to their online experience.

4. Reward your fans

Why should I hit the “Like” button? Do you offer only information for your company and products? A way to attract more “Like” thumbs is to offer something special for your fans. (Vouchers, special offers etc)

5. Promote your Fan Page

Add your Fan Page`s link in your website, blog, e-mail signatures newsletters and printed media.

6. Create Custom Tabs

Create custom tabs with compelling images or videos. This could be a presentation of your company, a contest announcement or even an application.

7. Be prepared to respond to negative reviews

These days people are more likely to express their negative reviews and comments straight to the brand. You should always be prepared to respond a negative review and you should not just try to hide it by deleting the post. This requires a specific policy and the right spokesperson to handle kind situations.


7 Don`ts for Facebook Community Development

1. Don`t invite all of your friends

You should not invite all of your friends but only the ones you believe that are interested in the page. It is really annoying to receive notifications and invitations from things you are not interested in or even dislike.

2. Don`t leave the spam posts

Don`t let spam posts and links within Fan Page`s wall. This kind of moderation is not against freedom but it ensures that users will respect the community members.

3. Don`t post from the same source

Don`t keep on posting only your website`s feed, even if you have a news media website.

4. Don`t spam your users

Don`t send promotional notifications every day. It is not effective but annoying.

5. Don`t forget the Privacy issues

Don`t upload images or videos and don’t tag users without a given permission. Privacy is a sensitive part that you must be extra careful.

6. Don`t create fake accounts

Don’t create fake accounts to represent or support brands. Your target in a social media campaign is not to collect tons of fans or friends but to build relationships.

7. Don`t be so serious

For the community managers: Don’t take yourself so serious. People always enjoy a cool attitude.

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  • Michal

    Really nice post, thanks a lot! I created fan page about tattoos in July last year, and I’ve got only 2,600 of fans. I hope, that using your tips will help me to increase this number. Begin to implement today ;-)

    Sorry for my English and any language mistakes, if they’re happened – I still learning


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  • Mark "Chief Alchemist" Simchock

    Thanks Dimitris. Some good, some not so good (to be frank).

    For example, the whole contest idea runs counter to some of your other Dos and Don’ts. The point being, are you trying to acquire people who are interested in your brand, or those interested in entering a contest? I’m not disputing contest as much as trying to highlight the other side of that sword. Do your Likes represent actual Likes, or are some just people looking to win your contest? Which eventually could lead to, is that unLike an actual unLike or just someone who only Liked for the contest and then dropped you? See?

    As for fake accounts, actually that’s a necessity for most small biz owners. The issue being that an Admin of a page can not interact with that page as their profile identity. If the Page’s “fans” expect to hear directly from the owner’s voice (as opposed to a less human page identity) then a faux account is the way to do this. One account manages the page, one interacts. I agree, one should not post fake comments, but that’s not the same issue as not having a fake account.

    Finally, while your list is helpful, a line or two on why you make such a recommendation would help others evaluate how the context of your reasoning might apply to their particular brand, or not.

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  • dimitriszotos

    Thank you for your comment Mark,

    The point here is not the number of the Likes, but the branded experience you provide to your community members. The contest should be planned to attract people of the brand’s target audience. By running contests, you generate interactions and buzz around your Fan Page. This has two strong impacts, one for the brand and one for the SEO. Furthermore, it is rare to press the “unLike” button after the contest -especially when it is well prepared. So contests can lead to increase of Fans and the brand’s online visibility.

    For the fake accounts mind that you risk to be removed from Facebook. I think it’s a considerable reason.

  • Mark "Chief Alchemist" Simchock

    Pardon me but there are a number of ways to create interest and engagement without a contest. There is nothing wrong with contest per se. However, once the Like button is used for a contest it is no longer a Like button. It is an Enter This Contest button. Again, nothing wrong with that. I’m simply pointing out that once you change that context you well…um…change that context. That is, it does not indicate who Likes the brand, it now has a second meaning. If that’s the goal, or an acceptable compromise, then that’s fine. However, the Like count from that point forward will be corrupt. Allow them to enter the contest some other way but using something else to bait them to Like it not a best practice.

    So the question is, is the brand/client interested in an “increase of Fans and the brand’s online visibility” or do they want *better*? With all due respect Dimitris, more and better are not the same thing. The fact that you’re willing capitalizing (?) on the behavior that most people don’t unLike proves my point.

    I’m sorry but a good part of your list isn’t about better, it’s about more. And in 2011 that just sounds so 20th century. Are we going to go back to counting hits too?

    Technically, you’re right about the FB terms of service but when was the last time you heard someone being removed for that? That rules is to prevent abuse. If you don’t do anything worth drawing attention to, then I’m pretty sure FB is too busy to track down low activity faux accounts. Worst case, you use your real name, lock down all the privacy setting and don’t friend anyone. What’s FB going to accuse you of, being a digital recluse?

  • dimitriszotos

    Hello Mark,

    I didn’t said that a contest is the ONLY way to enable people to create engagement and interactions. Instead, as you can see the tip #2 Ι propose human discussions.
    Ιn my previous comment, i’ve clearly stated that “the point is not the number of the Likes but the branded experience”.

    So, about your question:
    “is the brand/client interested in an “increase of Fans and the brand’s online visibility” or do they want *better*?”.
    The answer is the quality first, the quantity second.

    Related to fake accounts, please mind that we would never suggest such practices or black hats on this blog. Furthermore, it’s not only the ToS but I have real examples of users that have been removed from Facebook.

    Thank you once again for this conversation

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  • Packers and Movers in Mumbai

    Nice and useful tips.I also have fan page on facebook bt i only have 40 fans whgich is too less.I dont know how to bring my targeted people to my fan page.But i will try the tips mentioned above.Hope it could help me out.Really looking forward.Thanks a lot for sharing these tips.Thanks!!

  • smo package

    wow.. great article… i always read your social media article and it is too good to learn from that and apply it in work..

    Thanks for sharing such useful article…

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