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The Web SEO Analytics team is happy to announce the release of our new Professional SEO Toolbox that is certain to become one of the most important weapons of your SEO arsenal. 4 brand new SEO Tools have been launched and 5 tools have been upgraded, making our SEO toolbox one of the most complete solutions on the market.

The new SEO Tools & Features

Below you will find a list of the most important additions and updates of the new toolbox:

SERP Analysis:

SERP Analysis
This new amazing tool analyzes the Search Engine Results of a particular query, gathers all the important data about the ranking sites and evaluates the competition & the keyword difficulty. By using clever algorithms & statistical analysis techniques it evaluates the strength of each result, it calculates the likelihood to rank with a particular page and it provides a complete Action Plan on how to achieve high Rankings.

The report contains important statistics, charts and graphs that provide valuable information and visualize the intensity of competition. SERP Analysis tool is the highlight of this release and based on the feedback that we received from our Beta testers, we strongly believe that it will be one of the most innovative SEO Tools of 2011. Check out the SERP Analysis tool.

Backlink Hunter:

Backlink Hunter
At Web SEO Analytics we have regularly discussed in our blog that acquiring High Quality Links is one of the most important & difficult SEO tasks. The Backlink Hunter tool targets on simplifying the link building research and on becoming one of the most important Online Marketing tools. This new Tool allows you to search for particular terms & keywords through a huge database of domains and it returns hundreds of relevant entries along with a complete analysis of their Strength, Popularity, Traffic, Characteristics and Contact Information (Emails, Contact Names, Telephones etc).

The tool allows SEO professionals to discover Websites, Blogs, Forums, Directories and URL Submission services that are related to particular themes. At the same time it is a great tool for salesmen and Online Marketers since it provides the complete contact details & emails of all the domains that are related to a particular field/industry/theme. Thus the Backlink Hunter will become a must have tool for companies that use Email marketing. Test the Backlink Hunter tool.

Domain Battle:

Domain Battle
The Domain Battle is a powerful SEO Tool that evaluates a list of Domains for several SEO factors. This tool can be used to compare the Strength of your domain with the ones of your competitors, find the best source to submit your Article or Press Release, analyze the authority of On-sale Domains or evaluate possible Link exchanges. This Domain Comparison tool will analyze up to 10 domains per report and it will provide you with a full view of their Authority, Popularity & Strength. Try out the Domain Battle tool.

Blog Analyzer:

Blog Analyzer
This is probably one of the most requested tools of our SEO community. This great tool is designed especially for Professional Bloggers that want to analyze and optimize their Blogs & Articles in order to achieve higher rankings on the Search Engines. The Blog Analysis tool evaluates the domain strength, the blog popularity and creates a complete SEO Report for the Articles providing all the important information about their current SEO status & Popularity on Social Media. Check your blog posts with the Blog Analyzer tool.

Backlink Analysis:

Backlink Analysis
Our Backlink Analyzer has been upgraded to provide additional metrics and new statistics about the backlinks of the analyzed page. The new metrics make it easier for SEO professionals to evaluate the link quality of their sites and the new textual analysis that is performed on the incoming anchor texts help them evaluate their current link building strategy. The reports have been redesigned including additional Graphs & Charts and new features that made them more user-friendly and easier to read. Analyze your Backlinks with the new Backlink Analysis Tool.

Link Structure:

Link Structure
One of the most important tasks in SEO is to develop a good Link Architecture and avoid PageRank loses, indexing, crawling and duplicate content problems. The upgraded Link Structure tool will help you analyze your page links, evaluate your current link architecture and optimize the way that link juice flows through your Website. The new tool has incorporated additional statistics, charts & graphs that made the report more comprehensive and more accurate. Analyze your Internal Link Architecture with the new Link Structure Tool.

Domain Info:

The Domain Info tool has been upgraded to incorporate the new statistics and metrics that became available in our new toolbox. The most important additions are the Domain Authority, the Detailed DMOZ listings, the Traffic Rank, the enhanced Domain Information and more. Check out the new features of the Domain Info tool.

Reputation Tracker:

The new Reputation Tracker tool has been enhanced, it allows you to find the total shares of a page on additional sources like Google Buzz and to evaluate the page Popularity on Social Media (aka WuzzRank, see below for more). Check out the new Reputation Tracker tool.

Web SEO Analysis:

This is one of the first and most important tools that made our SEM Toolbox popular to the SEO community. As a result we had to make significant changes on this tool and incorporate new metrics and features. Some of the new additions are the Domain Authority, the Traffic Rank, the enhanced Domain Information, the new Social Media statistics and the WuzzRank, the Link Structure Analysis and more. Check out the new report of the Web SEO Analysis Tool.

Other Important Updates


Long before Google and Bing confirms that they use Social Media data as ranking signals, Web SEO Analytics team has recognized the importance of Social Media in SEO and has developed a new Web metric to measure the Social Media popularity of a Page. The name of this metric is WuzzRank and the term “Wuzz” comes from the words Web + Buzz. The WuzzRank measures the Popularity of a Webpage on the various social media using a logarithmic scale from 0-10. The WuzzRank is the PageRank equivalent for Social Media Popularity. This new rank is visible in all tools that measure the Social Media Buzz.

WSA API 1.01v:

Web SEO Analytics has enhanced the previous API (1.0v) in order to give access to the new SEO Tools and features. Our team has ensured that the new API is more powerful and at the same time backward compatible with the previous version. The old API has been deprecated and the new version is already available. Note that even if the updating your API Client is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Find the new API documentation & sample code and read more about this update on the new API page.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

Please make sure you read our new updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that affect both the Free and the Professional Members of Web SEO Analytics, before you use any of our services.

Free Access on the SEO Tools

As expected, Web SEO Analytics will continue to provide free access to all the Free SEO Tools & features that were available in the previous Toolbox. Additionally for a limited time period we will allow all of our users to test the new Professional Tools free of charge. The access on the new Professional Tools is limited to 1 report per day and some of their features are not available to the free users.

Go PRO today to unlock all the Professional SEO Tools & Features, to use the powerful API and to free yourself from limitations.

New Professional Pack, Same Price!

The cost of the Professional Pack has remained the same (€20.75/month on the 12 month subscription plan, €29.00/month on the 1 month subscription plan). Also note that all the previous Professional Members will automatically access the enhanced version of our Toolbox.

New SEO Tools are under development

As we mentioned in a previous announcement, Web SEO Analytics has joined forces with leading companies of the online marketing and SEO industry to design further pioneering Search Engine Marketing Tools. Soon we will release a new Beta Testing Program, so stay tuned!

We are looking forward to your feedback, tweets, messages and blog reviews concerning our new Professional SEO Tools!


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