7 Tips for Local Search Optimization

Search Engines have 2 mainly goals: to deliver satisfying results responding to users’ expressed needs (search queries) and to meet these needs filtered to people’s physical location. Consequently optimizing the online presence of your business for both web and local search results will take you one step forward against your market competitors.

This week we are sharing some tips on how to optimize your local search listing and on how to submit your business to the major Search Engine`s Local services, Google Places, Yahoo! Local Listings and Bing Listing Center.

General tips for local search listings

  1. Add your official website URL, business, products, and contact details.
  2. Insert the most important keywords on the texts.
  3. Take advantage of this online presence by adding corporate logo, photos of your store and/or products along with videos.
  4. Check if there are any third party listings of your business or mistakenly located listings.
  5. Authenticate your listing and claim ownership in order to have control and to provide official and updated information.
  6. Use coupons for offers to run short term campaigns for your business.
  7. Regularly study the impressions and links provided by reporting analytics.

Google Places

In order to login to Google Places, you need a Google account, furthermore the service is free of charge.


A paid plan can work additionally using an Adwords campaign showing up your ads on Local Search results. The coupons as an extra promotion tool within Google places are provided for free.

Yahoo! Local Listings

In order to login Yahoo Local Listings a Yahoo! account is required.


Yahoo Local Listing service offers two plans, the Basic Listing which is free of charge and the Enhanced Listing which is the paid one ($9.95 per Month). The service is supported only if a yahoo country-sub domain exists. For example for a listing in Paris, you should visit: http://fr.local.yahoo.com/)

Bing Local Listing Center

Bing’s local listing is supported by Yellowpages.com and the submission is free.


Overview Table

Google Places Yahoo Local Listings Bing Local Listing Center
Free Listing Yes Yes Yes
Paid Listing Yes (adwords) Yes (yahoo!search marketing) Yes (yellow pages)
Reporting Yes Supported only for paid plan Not supported
Link to Website Yes Yes (no followed) Yes
Logo Yes Only for Paid Plan Yes
Photo Yes Up to 10 Only for Paid Plan Yes
Video Yes Up to 5 Not Supported Not supported
Coupons Yes Only for Paid Plan Not supported
Business Details Yes Yes Yes
Searchable Text Description Yes Yes Only for Paid Plan
Verification Process Verification PIN by auto phone Call / Mail Using Google Site authentication file Verification PIN by auto phone Call / Mail
Contact Information Yes Yes Yes
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  • SEOP.com

    Great tips. These can really help startup businesses who wants to jumpstart their online marketing campaign to edge out from their competitors. Thanks!

  • Acceso universidad para mayores de 25 años

    I’m having problems with different web sites assigned to the same google user. They get banned and pending for review. There is anything i can do to fix it?
    Thanks in advance

  • PPC management company

    great tips, and this is more important for the latest google algorithem that you have your links on all the local listings… because google will prefer them a lot,,, so we must have to go with them,,

  • Intelisystem

    I have seen a very informative post . i really like this post. This post gives to us very good knowledge about search engine optimization and seo tools. This post is very important for web industries.

    Thank you,

  • Dinesh Prajapati

    Good Tips! we are working over on Google, Yahoo and bing local listing for our company and we have so many clients listed on this local directory. Thank you very much!

  • Oscar Bravo

    I came across your blog today and finally submitted to Yahoo. I heard or read somewhere that to be included in the Yahoo listing it is $300 a year.

    Another great source that I found is http://www.getlisted.org

  • Packers and Movers in Mumbai

    Nice post.Can anyone tell me is bing freelocal listing available in India???? And i also want to know i have listed my business in google local listing using google places.I did this 3 months before but till date its not on top.Please tell me how to bring it on top in google local???…I have many listings in google.All are active but none of them are on top.Please tell me how to do it???

  • Markus Nelson

    I have gone through the bing process at least 3 times and still have not received a postcard with the auth key – any one have this problem?

  • Packers and Movers in Mumbai

    Great article.I just wannna know in google places, in organization column do we have to put company’s official name only or we can add company’s name with some keywords following it?Please somebody reply.

  • Wisnu

    Great, I think it can increase the Convertion Rate.what about adding the place keyword INSYAALLOH the main keyword?thanks.

  • Sclerotherapy

    According to my experience, inserting the business address and phone number above everything else in the home page and including the business location are very important for optimizing a business for local search.

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  • Monica, SEO

    Good to find great interaction withing this post. So much comments which I find very cool. Good tips as well.Please keep on posting amazing posts like this.

  • Brian Town

    Great tips! I love your site and tweets! We are using your tips to help our local companies get found and get people to shop local! Thanks

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