New Google Toolbar PageRank Update – September 2011

pagerankupdateGoogle updates the PageRank Toolbar values for the forth time this year! The previous 2 updates took place on 19th of July and on 27th of June. It is not clear yet how many websites have been affected by the update, but it seems that this time the changes are much less aggressive comparing to the previous 2 times.

The new PageRank Toolbar values have been calculated between the 1st and 2nd of August, so they can be considered to be relatively fresh.

To find out how your site was affected by the new Google PageRank Toolbar update, use the PageRank Check tool. Moreover if you wish to check your PageRank from different Google Data Centers you can use the Multi DC PageRank tool.

Was your website affected by the PageRank Update? Leave your thoughts below.

  • Mark Johnson

    I think its all related with changes after Google Panda updates. Can you suggest me any good tool for firefox to see the pagerank for a webpage. As google toolbars are of no use for newer versions for firefox?

  • Steve schmidt

    Tell you the truth even after july update i experienced two more time pr update in my pages in july update my all pages pr was around 3 than after a month or so some of them dropped to 2 and after 1 or 2 week all of them dropped to 2 so now dont know what will be in next update

  • Chicago SEO Comapny

    Two Questions:
    How do you track when Google updates PageRank? I know they do it 3-4 times per year.

    How much weight does PageRank have on SEO these days.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Immigration

    Jeezzzz, Google is really driving me nuts. Today Google loves you then tomorrow it wont. I have already a headache by figuring what is happening. And I’m so frustrated with the result. Google is not making it easy for us.

  • Boulder SEO

    “I think that PR has been updated 2 days ago, because all PR code calculates are not working.

    Best Regards”

    I totally agree! The Google PR tool no longer works for any sites, including At least on Firefox, Safari & IE…

    Hopefully it will be back as I use that quite often for my business. I know there are others, but Google is the best! :)

  • kevin blumer

    I think personalty that google will eventually take page rank out all together the problem with taking it out is people would not really know weather there site is doing well. I did quite well this year when they updated it. You can have a really popular website without page rank as well

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