How to create Quality Content for your Blog and Website

writing-quality-contentWe are in the middle of the free Online Marketing Lesson of StayOnSearch (course number 5), and this week we focus on how to create attractive and quality content. On the beginning of the post, the author explains why writing for the web is different than writing for print or magazines, he elaborates on the importance of creating quality content and of using the correct visuals to attract user’s attention.

Later in the course, the author discusses why blogging is important and how to find new topics and ideas (Keyword Research, Monitoring Social Media and FAQs, creating polls etc). Additionally he gives valuable tips on how to manage your time efficiently and how to structure your blog posts. The lesson also explains why webinars, videos and podcasts are very important and it gives a brief description on what you need in order to create them.

In the last 2 parts of the course, the ebook focuses on how to create popular content for social bookmarking sites & Social Media and it discusses briefly the impact of Viral Marketing on businesses. Once again Mark Thompson created a great, free and easy to read Online Marketing lesson, thus we recommend you to sign up for the course.

Additional Resources

For those of you who want to read more about how to write quality content & press releases and for those who want to launch successful Social Media campaigns, we recommend reading the following articles:


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