How to conduct Market Research & Competitor Analysis

The second lesson of the free 10-week Internet Marketing course of StayOnSearch elaborates on the importance of Market Research & Analysis. The course reminds us the importance of conducting research and of analyzing our competitors. Additionally it focuses on the fact that we should not rely only on our experience or knowledge of the market while developing our Marketing Strategy.

The ebook focuses primarily on how to conduct Keyword Research, how to form the Link & Website Structure and which factors you should take in to consideration during Competitor Analysis. Once again we strongly recommend signing up for the free 10-week course since it can help you understand the basic methods of Online Marketing Research.

Additional Resources

For those of you who are interested in learning more about this topic we suggest you reading the following resources:

The Tools that you need

Finally for those who are interested in optimizing and conducting Keyword & Competitor Analysis for their websites, we recommend you 4 SEO Tools that can help you improve your results:

  • Link Structure: This tool enables you to analyze & optimize the link structure of your pages. It can be used to optimize your PageRank flow and make your website more effective.
  • Backlink Analysis: The Backlink Analyzer is a valuable tool that helps you analyze the link building strategy of your website and of your competitors. This information can help you determine on which keywords you should focus and which keywords are more likely to achieve high Rankings on Search Engines.
  • Web SEO Analysis: The tool creates a complete SEO Analysis and it enables you to get a close look on the strong and weak points of your competitors. Also use this tool to create a complete SEO report for your website and optimize your SEM strategy.
  • Keyword Battle: This Keyword Ranking tool enables you to compare your website’s and your competitor’s Rankings for a list of keywords on the Search Engine of your choice. This is a great tool to monitor the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

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