4 solid ways to increase the Traffic of your website

This is a guest post by M. Sufi. Sufi is an SEO consultant and a highly experienced Online Marketing Professional. He operates The Glaring Facts which is an educational portal and he works as a consultant for several PR companies. Find out more about Sufi on TheGlaringFacts.com


Building website traffic is of crucial importance for any business. While there are a lot of traffic building methods out there, the ones I recommend in this article have a solid proven track recordof providing long-term success. Keep in mind that these methods will not bear fruit overnight, you have to diligently perform these tasks over a period of time before you see results. Those individuals who “guarantee” you instantaneous results are simply out of their minds, offer services too good to be true, and want a quick buck. So be careful how you generate traffic.

Easiest Method – Social Networking/Media websites:

Acquiring several social media accounts in order to proliferate your website as bookmarks can be the quickest way to index your website as well as building efficient traffic. Some websites allow you to review/comment on links as part of the submission process (i.e. Mixx). Some of these social networks will either be “nofollow” or “dofollow”. When joining these sites, make sure to scout for “dofollow” and indexing websites. Note that you can easily find lists of such networks on Google.


Whilst this may be the easiest method, let us not forget their primary purpose as “social” arenas. You must participate and make networks with individuals, particularly those with significant popularity and followers. They may end up voting on your links, which subsequently, whether positively or negatively, boost your traffic ten times.

Convenience – Article Marketing:

Article marketing consists of article submission into massive article directories with tremendous traffic. These article submission sites may give you an opportunity to add your website at the bottom of the link whereby a visitor may easily end up clicking. These directories attract significant traffic and will become invaluable assets in brand and product promotion. These sites nonetheless come with their own guidelines, so heed their demands and requests.

Most Powerful – Guest Blogging:

I consider this the most powerful because it`s an immediate way to build relationships with both your competitors and broadening your audience. By writing for websites that are significantly more successful than yours, you not only generate one-way backlinking to your site (which is what Google measures as part of their PR algorithm), but also the chance to build relationships with your niche market competitors. My most recommended is Ms. Ann Smarty`s MyBlogGuest


You can further spread your brand with this method and your name. With the articles you guest write, you can prove your professionalism and brand identity as part of your own expertise–securing your clientele in the long run.

Visitor Loyalty – E-mail Marketing:

Although traffic building is important, you need to make sure to develop visitor loyalty. You can do this by providing giveaways and contests. A part of this process is requesting their e-mail in order to allow them access to these contest. With their e-mails, you can send monthly or quarterly newsletters providing an overview of your products and your website. You can also invite them into further contests, which will attract massive traffic!

These are just a few ways you can increase your traffic, and Web SEO Analytics provides even more resources to calculate your keyword positioning, competitor analysis and analytics services that will guide you towards effective SERP and SEO techniques. Good luck!


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