New Google Toolbar PageRank Update – November 2011

pagerankupdateFew days ago Google has updated the PageRank Toolbar values. The update took place on November 8th and this is the fifth one in 2011. We remind you that the last minor update took place in the middle of September while the most recent major one was on 19th of July.

The values are pretty fresh this time, since they have been calculated on October 30rd. As a result those values can be used as a proxy in order to determine how Google evaluates your current link building campaign. Moreover based on the analysis of our index, the new PR values seem to be sounder comparing to the ones from the previous update (homepage values are higher than the ones of internal pages this time).

If you want to see how your website has been affected by the Google Toolbar PageRank Update you can use the Web SEO Analysis or the PageRank Checker Tool.

How does the PageRank Update affect your SEO?

As we discussed on the previous article “Is Google PageRank still important in Search Engine Optimization?” when the PageRank values are fresh they can be used as an indicator of how Google evaluates your website. Nevertheless as we have stressed several times in the past the real PageRank values are not the ones that appear on Toolbar. Even though Toolbar values can give you an insight of how Google evaluates your authority and links, you should neither get obsessed with PageRank nor totally ignore it.

When should you be alarmed about a PageRank drop?

Usually having your PageRank values decreased by 1 point can be the result of loosing few links from important pages. Nevertheless a sudden significant drop can be the result of a Google Ban or of a major SEO mistake.

If you recently made an important update on your website, seeing a significant drop on your PageRank values should get you alarmed. If this is the case make sure use the following SEO checklist to detect what is wrong with your website.

How was your website affected by the PageRank update? Leave your comment below.

  • Sybil Wieners

    I never knew before that your pagerank can actually drop due to some circumstances. I thought it will be fixed and the next change is to go up. This is really a helpful insight.

  • Design your own t-shirt

    This is a good tool and good news also for us as we monitor where the website stands against those of our immediate competition. This will have a major influence on our individual keyword rankings.

  • Ben Stiler

    Thanks a lot for informing about GT Page Rank updates. I noticed it yesterday that on half of my pages GTPR increased. It always pleased me when I see that big G likes what I do.

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  • SEO Berkshire

    Page rank has always been a major part of any seo campaign I have been running and this will continue to be the way for some time to come without a doubt! It does all help too that the link building comes from relevant sources.

  • Kurt Whitner

    The way I see it, Page Rank is a tool that will determine your value to searchers and to search engines. The higher your page rank is, people deemed you as an authority site on your niche. So better keep an eye on your site’s page rank!

  • Tyrone Burrier

    I know that gaining traffic is not all about page rank. But like what you said, I can also use it as an indicator of how Google evaluates my site. I noticed that the more viral content I make, the higher the PR would go.

  • SEO company

    My sites PR went up to 4 and some of my internal pages also went. I was always under the impression PR goes up when authority sites link to that page.

  • seo services philippines

    We have to be careful on our SEO, we are all seeking for the best for our website, especially a good PR, and a decrease is such a frustration. Thanks for sharing this pal!

  • John Pruskowski

    I am still working on the SEO for my new site on Shimano Reels. I have yet to get a pagerank higher than zero, but I have got my site up into the top 50 for my main keywords. Do I need to worry about getting the pagerank higher as well, and if so, is there a different way from the normal SEO for a site? Thanks :)

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    I did not know much about seo, now I am still learning. I do not understand what makes a blog that time I was only 6 months are surprisingly google gives rank 3. but did not last long. a month later even be down in rank 2. and I still do not understand. Yesterday I did not even get what the ranking update. means still remain in position 2.

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  • Sunderland

    I have read your articles and will you please give me a detailed explanation of this sentence: Usually having your PageRank values decreased by 1 point can be the result of loosing few links from important pages. nnThe rage rank of my website home page had dropped from 3 to 2 on the Nov 8th.

  • solicitor

    I was suprised when completely one of my new website gained PR3 straight away without any efforts – with no links – no SEO . So it is mostly about content not a links . This is my opinion of course.

  • DJ Hochzeit Mannheim Heidelberg

    Why are there no Google toolbar for firefox more? Very sad i think. It was a very good tool to see how much PR other websites have.

  • Burglar Alarms Maidenhead

    A lack of link building will always have an effect of some sort on this. You must make sure your links show up and that it is an on going process.

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