New Google Toolbar PageRank Update – November 2011

pagerankupdateFew days ago Google has updated the PageRank Toolbar values. The update took place on November 8th and this is the fifth one in 2011. We remind you that the last minor update took place in the middle of September while the most recent major one was on 19th of July.

The values are pretty fresh this time, since they have been calculated on October 30rd. As a result those values can be used as a proxy in order to determine how Google evaluates your current link building campaign. Moreover based on the analysis of our index, the new PR values seem to be sounder comparing to the ones from the previous update (homepage values are higher than the ones of internal pages this time).

If you want to see how your website has been affected by the Google Toolbar PageRank Update you can use the Web SEO Analysis or the PageRank Checker Tool.

How does the PageRank Update affect your SEO?

As we discussed on the previous article “Is Google PageRank still important in Search Engine Optimization?” when the PageRank values are fresh they can be used as an indicator of how Google evaluates your website. Nevertheless as we have stressed several times in the past the real PageRank values are not the ones that appear on Toolbar. Even though Toolbar values can give you an insight of how Google evaluates your authority and links, you should neither get obsessed with PageRank nor totally ignore it.

When should you be alarmed about a PageRank drop?

Usually having your PageRank values decreased by 1 point can be the result of loosing few links from important pages. Nevertheless a sudden significant drop can be the result of a Google Ban or of a major SEO mistake.

If you recently made an important update on your website, seeing a significant drop on your PageRank values should get you alarmed. If this is the case make sure use the following SEO checklist to detect what is wrong with your website.

How was your website affected by the PageRank update? Leave your comment below.


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